Flowline EchoSwitch II Multi-Point Ultrasonic Level Switch/Controllers

Reliable Relay Control
  • Simple digital push button configuration, no more target calibration.
  • Pump simplex, duplex and triplex option.
  • Integrated timer for pump/valve delay and pump alternation.
  • Available in 2.5m (8.2’) or 7.5m (24.6’)range.
  • 10cm miniature dead band optimizes the filling capacity of sumps or vessels.
The general purpose ultrasonic switch and controller provides non-contact level detection up to 24.6’ (7.5 m) with 3 SPDT 60 VA 1A relays. EchoSwitch II features digital push button configuration, eliminating target calibration. Each relay can be configured on a single set point to control pumps, valves or alarms. In addition, all 3 relays can be simplexed, duplexed or triplexed. EchoSwitch now
features an integrated timer with pump/valve delay and timed pump alternation.The switch is well suited for a broad range of corrosive, waste and slurry type media. EchoSwitch is broadly selected for
atmospheric day tanks, pump lift stations and waste sump applications.
$795.00 - $895.00USD / Each

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Flowline LU77-5005 Ultrasonic Level Switch, 5.5m Range; 2" NPT EW-23002-00 Mfr # LU77-5005
Ultrasonic Level Switch, 5.5m Range; 2" NPT
$795.00USD / Each
Flowline LU78-5005 Ultrasonic Level Switch, 8m Range; 2" NPT EW-23002-01 Mfr # LU78-5005
Ultrasonic Level Switch, 8m Range; 2" NPT
$895.00USD / Each
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