Fluke 3000 FC Series Wireless System

See, save, and share data wirelessly — saving time and increasing productivity
  • Increase productivity by communicating wirelessly between your phone, PC, and Fluke test tools
  • Download the Fluke Connect™ app for use with iOS (4s and later) and Android™ to connect with over twenty Fluke test tools (Download iOS app at the App Store, and the Android app from Google play)
  • Logging function on modules allow you to isolate intermittent events or record signal fluctuations remotely
  • Share data with associates in seconds, allowing for immediate interpretation and action
  • Increase efficiency by simultaneously viewing multiple measurements on one screen
  • Take measurements from safe locations reducing potential hazards
$108.89 - $669.59USD / Each

11 variations of this product are available.

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DC Max (Volts) DC Voltage Accuracy True Rms
Availability Pricing
Fluke FLK-3000 FC Wireless Digital Multimeter EW-20047-75 Mfr # FLK-3000 FC
1000 0.09% ±2 digits
$322.19USD / Each
$357.99USD / Each
Fluke FLK-A3001 FC FC Wireless iFlex AC Current Module EW-20047-76 Mfr # FLK-A3001 FC
$264.59USD / Each
$293.99USD / Each
Fluke FLK-A3000 FC Wireless AC Current Module EW-20047-77 Mfr # FLK-A3000 FC
$215.09USD / Each
$238.99USD / Each
Fluke FLK-V3000 FC Wireless AC Voltage Module EW-20047-78 Mfr # FLK-V3000 FC
$215.09USD / Each
$238.99USD / Each
Fluke FLK-T3000 FC Wireless Type K Thermocouple Module EW-20047-79 Mfr # FLK-T3000 FC
$218.69USD / Each
$242.99USD / Each
Fluke FLK-A3002 FC Wireless AC/DC Current Module EW-20047-80 Mfr # FLK-A3002 FC
$138.59USD / Each
$153.99USD / Each
Fluke FLK-V3001 FC Wireless DC Voltage Module EW-20047-81 Mfr # FLK-V3001 FC
1000 0.09% ±3 digits
$215.09USD / Each
$238.99USD / Each
Fluke FLK-PC3000 FC Wireless PC Adapter Module EW-20047-82 Mfr # FLK-PC3000 FC
$108.89USD / Each
$120.99USD / Each
Fluke IR3000FC Infrared Connector for Connect Tools EW-20047-84 Mfr # FLUKE-IR3000FC
$130.49USD / Each
$144.99USD / Each
Fluke A3003FC Wireless clamp meter, 2000 A DC EW-20049-57 Mfr # FLUKE-A3003FC
$570.59USD / Each
$633.99USD / Each
Fluke A3004FC Wireless Current Meter, DC 4-20 mA EW-20049-58 Mfr # FLUKE-A3004FC
$669.59USD / Each
$743.99USD / Each
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