Fluke GEO Earth Ground Testers

Ensure proper grounding and eliminate equipment failure
  • Stakeless testing eliminates the need to place and connect stakes for each earth ground rod — saving you valuable time
  • 3- and 4-pole fall of potential provides quick and easy earth resistance loop testing
  • Easy-to-use reels save up to 50% of setup and teardown time
  • Color-coded wires provide easy identification and fewer mistakes
  • Data transfer via USB port eliminates data entry and recording errors
These GEO earth ground testers help lower the risk of electric shock to users and eliminate equipment failure. Units aid in establishing and troubleshooting effective grounding systems, for both equipment and structures, and eliminate instrument errors in electrical devices as well as harmonic distortion issues and power factor problems to keep your systems running and operators safe.

These units perform all four essential earth ground tests including three- and four-pole fall of potential, four-pole soil resistivity, one clamp selective, and two clamp stakeless earth ground tests. In addition, model 1625-2 offers advanced features such as automatic frequency control, R* measurement capability, and adjustable limits for quicker testing.

Both are essential for technicians, electrical contractors, and industrial electricians for gas, telecom, utility, and manufacturing applications.
$2,564.99 - $5,564.99USD / Each

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3-Point Measurement Accuracy 3-Point Measurement Range 3-Point Measurement Resolution
Availability Pricing
Fluke 1623-2 Basic GEO Earth Ground Tester EW-20047-00 Mfr # FLUKE-1623-2
0.020 Ω to 19.99 kΩ 0.001 to 10 Ω
$2,564.99USD / Each
Fluke 1625-2 Kit Kit Advanced Geo Earth Ground Tester Kit EW-20047-03 Mfr # FLUKE-1625-2 KIT
0.020 Ω to 19.99 kΩ 0.001 to 10 Ω
$5,564.99USD / Each
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