Fluke® Ultrasonic Leak Detector

The ultimate ultrasonic diagnostic tool
  • Quickly and easily locate air leaks in noisiest and challenging environments
  • Combines advanced filtering technology with wide ultrasonic frequency response
  • Adjustable transmitter signal strength for accurate leak pinpointing
  • Detachable tubular extension for hard to reach areas
  • Order ULD-420 kit to detect leaks that are not pressurized sufficiently
The Fluke® ULD-400 series ultrasonic leak detector is the perfect unit to quickly and easily locate air leaks in the most challenging and noisy environments. The unit detects ultrasonic frequency sound and converts it into audible range to pinpoint the exact location of a leak, vibration, or discharge.

When pressure is not sufficient enough to detect or verify a leak with the receiver alone, the ULD-420 can be used to generate the ultrasonic signal. The detector emits the ultrasonic sound readable by the receiver. The transmitter is programmed with three signal levels for precise pinpointing of leaks. This is the perfect kit to find water and air leaks in automobile windshields and windows, fluid and gas tanks, doors, or roofs.

The detector is equipped with three filters to remove main noise frequencies in rooms and ultrasonic noise generated by running machinery. With the help of the filters, the receiver will automatically detect up to three main noise frequencies and filter them out for accurate measurements —simply press the filter button.

While scanning, view your results displayed as a bar graph on the 2.5” LCD. While scanning a targeted area, the displayed bar graph will indicate proximity to the source of the leak. Plug in the supplied industrial headphones to the receiver to audibly hear the leak and verify the source. Easily adjust the receiver sensitivity and three transmitter signal strengths for accurate leak pinpointing.
$1,317.99 - $1,619.99USD / Each

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Battery Type Gas Measured Range
Availability Pricing
Fluke ULD-420 Ultrasonic Leak Detector with Transmitter EW-20036-44 Mfr # ULD-420
AA battery (receiver) & AAA battery (transmitter) Gas, air, water 20 to 90 kHz
$1,619.99USD / Each
Fluke ULD-410 Ultrasonic Leak Detector EW-20036-45 Mfr # ULD-410
AA battery Gas, air, water 20 to 90 kHz
$1,317.99USD / Each
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