Ford Dip Viscosity Cups

Feature handle for easy sample dipping – great for field testing
  • Compatible with ASTM D 1200
Take viscosity measurements of very thin paints, inks, solvents, adhesives, and coating materials of all kinds. Simply fill the cup by immersing it in the test liquid. After withdrawing the cup, measure the time it takes until the first break in the liquid stream. Each cup is supplied with a conversion table to determine viscosity in centistokes (cSt) from the elapsed time. Dip cups have an anodized aluminum handle for easy dipping and holding during timing. Replaceable orifice snaps in quickly and easily — no need to replace the whole cup.
$358.00 - $575.00USD / Each

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Cup Number Sample Volume Needed (mL)
Availability Pricing
Gardco VI-3403 Standard Ford Dip Viscosity Cup, orifice #3 EW-08709-00 Mfr # VI-3403
3 135
$575.00USD / Each
Gardco VI-3404 Standard Ford Dip Viscosity Cup, orifice #4 EW-08709-01 Mfr # VI-3404
4 135
$561.00USD / Each
Gardco VI-3405 Standard Ford Dip Viscosity Cup, orifice #5 EW-08709-02 Mfr # VI-3405
5 135
$557.00USD / Each
Gardco VI-3320 Mini Ford Dip Viscosity Cup, Orifice #0, 2 to 14 Centistokes EW-08709-10 Mfr # VI-3320
0 67.5
$362.00USD / Each
Gardco VI-3322 Mini Ford Dip Viscosity Cup, Orifice #2, 25 to 120 Centistokes EW-08709-12 Mfr # VI-3322
2 67.5
$358.00USD / Each
Gardco VI-3324 Mini Ford Dip Viscosity Cup, Orifice #4, 53 to 441 Centistokes EW-08709-14 Mfr # VI-3324
4 67.5
$377.00USD / Each
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