Ford Viscosity Cups

Use accessory stand with bath ports to measure viscosity at various or critcal temperatures
  • ±2% production tolerance
These new Ford viscosity cups are extremely easy to use. Simply pour your sample into the cup and measure the time it takes for the liquid to flow through the orifice until the first break in the liquid stream. Use the included table to convert the elapsed time to centistokes (cSt).
The cups are made from solid aluminum; the orifice is made from brass. All the cups are calibrated to NIST-traceable oils.
An accessory kit, a stand, and a stand with water bath ports are sold separately.
$279.00 - $628.00USD / Each

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Cup Number Nist-Traceable
Availability Pricing
BYK-Gardner PV-7201 Ford Viscosity Cup #2, 25 to 120 Centistokes EW-08711-00 Mfr # PV-7201
2 No
$321.00USD / Each
BYK-Gardner SC-7201 Ford Viscosity Cup #2 with Certificate, 25 to 120 Centistokes EW-08711-05 Mfr # PV-0172
2 Yes
$628.00USD / Each
BYK-Gardner PV-0173 Ford Viscosity Cup #3, 37 to 231 Centistokes EW-08711-10 Mfr # PV-0175
3 No
$279.00USD / Each
BYK-Gardner SC-0173 Ford Viscosity Cup #3 with Certificate, 37 to 231 Centistokes EW-08711-15 Mfr # PV-0173
3 Yes
$495.00USD / Each
BYK-Gardner PV-0174 Ford Viscosity Cup #4, 70 to 370 Centistokes EW-08711-20 Mfr # PV-0176
4 No
$285.00USD / Each
BYK-Gardner SC-0174 Ford Viscosity Cup #4 with Certificate, 70 to 370 Centistokes EW-08711-25 Mfr # PV-0174
4 Yes
$595.00USD / Each
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