+GF+ Signet Conductivity/Resistivity Electrodes

Coupled with +GF+ Signet measuring circuitry, a three decade measurement range reading is achieved without the need for troublesome electrode platinization
  • Flow-through design eliminates bubble entrapment and sediment build-up
  • Removable/reversible sensor fitting design
  • Built-in strain relief
  • Controlled surface finish ensures accuracy and repeatability
  • In-line or submersible mounting
+GF+ Signet Conductivity/Resistivity Electrodes are designed to provide versatile installation and accurate sensing across a very broad dynamic range. Platinum RTD (PT-1000) located within the electrode allows optimal temperature sensing.
$485.00 - $930.00USD / Each

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Cell Constant Electrode Material Fitting
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GF Signet 3-2819-1 2819 Conductivity Electrode; SS, K=0.01, 3/4"NPT(M) EW-19905-49 Mfr # 3-2819-1
K = 0.01 Platinum ¾" NPT(M)
$485.00USD / Each
GF Signet 3-2820-1 2820 Conductivity Electrode; SS, K=0.1, 3/4"NPT(M) EW-19905-50 Mfr # 3-2820-1
K = 0.1 Platinum ¾" NPT(M)
$487.00USD / Each
GF Signet 3-2821-1 2821 Conductivity Electrode; SS, K=1.0, 3/4"NPT(M) EW-19905-51 Mfr # 3-2821-1
K = 1.0 Platinum ¾" NPT(M)
$495.00USD / Each
GF Signet 3-2822-1 2822 Conductivity Electrode; SS, K=10.0, 3/4"NPT(M) EW-19905-52 Mfr # 3-2822-1
K = 10 Platinum ¾" NPT(M)
$879.75USD / Each
GF Signet 3-2820-S1 2820 Conductivity Electrode; SS, K=0.1, 1.5" Tri-Clamp EW-56560-39 Mfr # 3-2820-S1
K = 0.1 316 SS 1½" Sanitary Tri-Clamp®
$930.00USD / Each
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