GK Heller 10:1 Gear-Reduction Mixers; 2 to 250 rpm (115 VAC, 50/60 Hz)

Maintain constant speed and torque throughout entire speed range
  • X-Y recorder output for charting and calibrating speed and torque
Electronically monitor and record speed and torque. These mixer systems are ideal for polymer chemistry—gather data on viscosity profiles, shear rate and shear stress, starting torque for plastic materials, flocculation points, and more.
All mixers come with a power supply/controller that provides filtered DC power for the motor, changing the voltage as necessary. Maintain constant shaft speed and torque within ±1% of preset values under varying line voltage conditions. Obtain torque readings with a simple flip of a switch.
Permanent magnet, ball-bearing, totally enclosed DC motor has oversized brushes and skewed armature to avoid cogging at low speeds. A fast-acting circuit breaker protects components even if the motor is stalled.
$3,213.00 - $3,802.00USD / Each

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Max Speed (rpm) Max Torque (in-oz) Max Volume (Liters)
Availability Pricing
GK Heller HST20 10:1 gear-reduction mixer with speed/torque readout; 336 in-oz (max), 115 VAC EW-04407-00 Mfr # 099D HST20
250 336
$3,213.00USD / Each
GK Heller HST3010 10:1 gear-reduction mixer with speed/torque readout; 720 in-oz (max), 115 VAC EW-04407-20 Mfr # 099D HST3010
250 720
$3,802.00USD / Each
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