Glas-Col Flexible Fabric Spherical Heating Mantles

Get better heating with conforming flexible fabric
Heating Mantles feature insulated glass fabric that conforms to unusual vessel shapes. Spherical heating mantles cover both top and bottom of one-, two-,or three-neck spherical flasks. Mantles are made from flexible fabrics for effective heating and protection of glass vessels. Wrap around zipper holds the mantle halves snugly together to prevent heat loss. Top split allow mantle removal without disturbing the glass vessels. Maximum heating temperature is 842°>F (450°>C). Mantles include detachable 4-ft, two wire-cord with locking connector. Mantles require a controlled electrical power source to prevent overheating.
$540.00 - $1,385.00USD / Each

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Max Flask Size (mL) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
Glas-Col 100A O1023 Spherical Heating Mantle, 250 ml Flask, 0 W Upper/180 W Lower; 115 V EW-36226-00 Mfr # 100A O1023
250 115
$540.00USD / Each
Glas-Col 100A O1033 Spherical Heating Mantle, 250 ml Flask, 0 W Upper/180 W Lower; 230 V EW-36226-05 Mfr # 100A O1033
250 230
$547.00USD / Each
Glas-Col 100A O1063 Spherical Heating Mantle, 500 ml Flask, 0 W Upper/270 W Lower; 115 V EW-36226-10 Mfr # 100A O1063
500 115
$609.00USD / Each
Glas-Col 100A O1083 Spherical Heating Mantle, 1000 ml Flask, 140W Upper/380W Lower; 115V EW-36226-20 Mfr # 100A O1083
1000 115
$994.00USD / Each
Glas-Col 100A O1103 Spherical Heating Mantle, 2000 ml Flask, 200W Upper/500W Lower; 115 V EW-36226-30 Mfr # 100A O1103
2000 115
$1,090.00USD / Each
Glas-Col 100A O1123 Spherical Heating Mantle, 3000 ml Flask, 200W Upper/500W Lower; 115 V EW-36226-40 Mfr # 100A O1123
3000 115
$1,125.00USD / Each
Glas-Col 100A O1143 Spherical Heating Mantle, 5000 ml Flask, 300W Upper/600W Lower; 115 V EW-36226-50 Mfr # 100A O1143
5000 115
$1,385.00USD / Each
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