H-B Instrument Polycarbonate Specific Gravity Hydrometers, plain form

These durable polycarbonate hydrometers won't break when dropped—perfect for industrial or laboratory use.

The temperature standard for these hydrometers is 60°F (15°C). All hydrometers are individually serialized, feature metal ballast with wax epoxy and include multi-language statement of accuracy supplied by the vendor.

Note: Polycarbonate hydrometers are not recommended for use with petroleum-based liquids or other corrosives that would potentially affect the plastic material. They should be stored in a clean, dry, safe place and should not be subjected to extreme temperatures.
$87.55 - $100.30USD / Each

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Hydrometer Form Specific Gravity Range (Max) (%) Specific Gravity Range (Min) (%)
Availability Pricing
H-B Instrument B61800-0000 DURAC 1.000/1.180 Specific Gravity Shatterproof Plastic Hydrometer
Always in Stock
EW-08298-38 Mfr # B61800-0000
Plain 1.18 1
$87.55USD / Each
$103.00USD / Each
H-B Instrument B61800-0100 DURAC 0.920/1.080 Specific Gravity Shatterproof Plastic Hydrometer EW-08298-39 Mfr # B61800-0100
Plain 1.08 0.92
$96.05USD / Each
$113.00USD / Each
H-B Instrument B61800-0200 DURAC 1.050/1.220 Specific Gravity Shatterproof Plastic Hydrometer
Always in Stock
EW-08298-40 Mfr # B61800-0200
Plain 1.22 1.05
$97.75USD / Each
$115.00USD / Each
H-B Instrument B61800-0300 DURAC 1.200/1.420 Specific Gravity Shatterproof Plastic Hydrometer EW-08298-41 Mfr # B61800-0300
Plain 1.42 1.2
$97.75USD / Each
$115.00USD / Each
H-B Instrument B61800-0400 DURAC 1.400/1.620 Specific Gravity Shatterproof Plastic Hydrometer EW-08298-42 Mfr # B61800-0400
Plain 1.62 1.4
$100.30USD / Each
$118.00USD / Each
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