Hart Compact Calibration Baths

Model HR6330 bath delivers all the high temperature you need up to 300C. With stability and uniformity at 300C better than ± 0.015C and ± 0.020C respectively, calibrations can easily be performed at this high temperature with total uncertainty better than ± 0.05C. At lower temperatures, stability and uniformity are even better. The HR6330 is only 12 inches wide and less than 19 inches tall, so it fits easily onto a benchtop without consuming precious space.
Model HR7320 and HR7340 baths cover your needs for low temperature calibrations. The HR7320 covers a range from -20C to 150C and the HR7340 reaches even colder temperatures to -40C. Below 0C, these baths maintain an impressive stability of ± 0.005C with uniformities also better than ± 0.005C. No utility bath performs as well below 0C or at critical room and body temperatures - or even at important higher temperatures such as 100C and 122C.
For ultra cold temperatures, the HR7380 reaches -80C quickly and maintains a two sigma stability of ± 0.006C when it gets there. The HR7380 is a true metrology bath, not a chiller or circulator. With uniformity to ± 0.008C, comparison calibration of temperature devices can be performed with high precision.
Each bath includes an RS232 serial interface and HR9930 interface-it software for controlling your bath from a PC. With a Hart Scientific thermometer readout, such as a Black Stack, and the Met Temp II software, automated calibrations can run unattended.
$9,509.40 - $15,384.76USD / Each

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Max Temperature (° F) Min Temperature (° F) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
Fluke Calibration 6330 Compact Temperature Calibration Bath, 35C to 300C EW-16101-45 Mfr # 6330
572 95 115
$9,509.40USD / Each
$10,566.00USD / Each
Fluke Calibration 7340 Compact Temperature Calibration Bath, -40 to 150C EW-16101-47 Mfr # 7340
302 -40 115
$15,384.76USD / Each
$16,595.00USD / Each
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