Hazardous-Duty Direct-Drive Air Motor Mixers

Safely use these air-drive mixers whenever electrical power is hazardous or impractical. Ideal for mixing solvents, lacquers, and volatile chemicals without the possibility of spark ignition.
Mixers accept an air input line pressure to 80 or 100 psi (10 to 12 cfm). A needle valve enables you to control mixing speed throughout the range for each mixer, and a built-in muffler ensures quiet operation. We recommend installing an air filter/regulator 07042-75 and an air lubricator 07042-70 in your air supply line.
$555.50 - $1,221.00USD / Each

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Max Speed (rpm) Max Torque (in-oz) Motor hp
Availability Pricing
Low-cost, Direct-drive Air Motor Mixer; 200-10,000 RPM EW-04680-00 Mfr # TYPE A
10000 64 1/3
$555.50USD / Each
Low-cost, Direct-drive Air Motor Mixer; 200-7,000 RPM EW-04686-00 Mfr # TYPE A-5
7000 96 1/2
$820.00USD / Each
Low-cost, Direct-drive Air Motor Mixer; 300-3,000 RPM EW-04686-15 Mfr # 750 W/18"SHFT/VPP-36/CPLG
3000 448 3/4
$1,221.00USD / Each
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