Heated Dolly for Fifty-five Gallon Metal Drums

Mobile drum heater provides operator flexibility
  • Dolly supports up to 900 pound capacity
Use this drum heated dolly to warm your nonflammable, nonhazardous material contained within 55-gallon metal drums. The built-in infinite control (0 to 100% adjustable) features on/off as well as heat pulsing action. Drums rest on a spring-loaded 15 1/4” square by 1/4” thick aluminum heat platen, and rolls on 3"-diameter phenolic swivel casters that feature two-wheel locking capability. Measure the temperature of drum contents with an external temperature measurement device (not included) for more precise temperature control.
$975.00USD / Each

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Drum Material Drum Size Max Temperature (° F)
Availability Pricing
Expo Engineering HDD-55/120V Heated Drum DOlly, Fits 55gal, 550F, 120 V EW-09500-25 Mfr # HDD-55/120V
Metal 55 gallons 550
$975.00USD / Each
Expo Engineering HDD-55/240V Heated Drum DOlly, Fits 55gal, 550F, 240 V EW-09500-30 Mfr # HDD-55/240V
Metal 55 gallons 550
$975.00USD / Each
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