Honeywell UDC 2500-Series Temperature/Process Controllers

Next generation of industrial universal digital controllers (UDC)
  • IP66- and NEMA 4X-rated faceplate allows the controller to be used in washdown applications
  • Accutune III™ fuzzy logic programming
  • Accuracy of +/- 0.25% full-scale, 16-bit resolution
  • Available in 1/4-DIN size
These microprocessor-based controllers are the next generation of UDC controllers and offer a high degree of functionality and reliability. Ideal for regulating temperature in a variety of applications including furnaces, ovens, environmental chambers, packaging machinery, plastic processing and more.
Features Diagnostic feature monitors the condition of the thermocouple — to determine whether it's good, failing, or in danger of imminent failure.
Heater breaker alarm continuously checks the output circuit to ensure the heater has not failed.
Accutune III™ software with fuzzy logic overshoot suppression, and true plug-and-play tuning algorithm to tune both the heat and cool side of a duplex control.
Universal power supply covers voltage range of 90 to 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz, which conforms to the standard AC voltages found worldwide.
Set points that can be configured for either two local setpoints or one local and one remote setpoint. (models 89556-40 thru 89556-43)
PV hot start allows the controller to initialize the local setpoint at the current PV value upon power start up in the event of power loss.
Dual set tuning: configured PID parameters can be selected automatically based upon the PV or SP value.
Second input option provides a second linear voltage or current input.
Dual line LED with the capability of displaying multi-language configuration prompts. A 4 character upper display and a 6 character, 14-segment, alphanumeric lower display.
High/Low Limit Controller (model 89556-44) is designed to provide a safety shut-off and optional alarm. A latched relay output is activated when the process parameter either exceeds or falls below the desired value, providing a fail-safe cutoff which has to be manually reset before the process can continue. Features universal input and is FM approved.
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$953.00 - $1,220.00USD / Each

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DIN Size On / Off Function PID Function
Availability Pricing
Honeywell DC2500-E0-0A00-200-00000-00-0 Temperature Controller, Unversal Input, 1/4-DIN, Relay Output EW-89556-36 Mfr # DC2500-E0-0A00-200-00000-00-0
$953.00USD / Each
Honeywell DC2500-EB-0A00-200-00000-00-0 Temperature Controller, Unversal Input, 1/4-DIN, Relay Output, Alarm Relay EW-89556-37 Mfr # DC2500-EB-0A00-200-00000-00-0
$1,025.00USD / Each
Honeywell DC2500-CO-0A00-200-00000-00-0 Temperature Controller, Unversal Input, 1/4-DIN, Current Output EW-89556-38 Mfr # DC2500-CO-0A00-200-00000-00-0
$993.00USD / Each
Honeywell DC2500-CB-0A00-200-00000-00-0 Temperature Controller, Unversal Input, 1/4-DIN, Current Output, Alarm Relay EW-89556-39 Mfr # DC2500-CB-0A00-200-00000-00-0
$1,065.00USD / Each
Honeywell DC2500-E0-0B00-200-00000-00-0 1/4-DIN Temperature Controller, Universal; Set Pt/Relay EW-89556-40 Mfr # DC2500-E0-0B00-200-00000-00-0
$1,085.00USD / Each
Honeywell DC2500-EB-0B00-200-00000-00-0 1/4-DIN Temperature Controller, Universal; Set Pt/Relay/1 SPST EW-89556-41 Mfr # DC2500-EB-0B00-200-00000-00-0
$1,150.00USD / Each
Honeywell DC2500-C0-0B00-200-00000-00-0 1/4-DIN Temperature Controller, Universal; Set Pt/Current EW-89556-42 Mfr # DC2500-C0-0B00-200-00000-00-0
$1,130.00USD / Each
Honeywell DC2500-CB-0B00-200-00000-00-0 1/4-DIN Temperature Controller, Universal; Set Pt/Current/SPST EW-89556-43 Mfr # DC2500-CB-0B00-200-00000-00-0
$1,220.00USD / Each
Honeywell DC2500-E0-0L00-200-10000-E0-0 Temperature Limit Controller, Universal Input, 1/4-DIN, Relay Output EW-89556-44 Mfr # DC2500-E0-0L00-200-10000-E0-0
$1,020.00USD / Each
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