IDEX Stainless Steel Sample Loops for VHP Applications

Specifically designed for VHP applications
  • Square-cut, burr-free ends provide a firm, flush connection to valve ports
  • Constructed from 316 stainless steel
  • High pressure resistance, low permeability
A sample loop is a defined length of tubing and fittings configured to match the angle of the injection valve ports. A sample is loaded and held in the loop until injection is triggered, either automatically or manually. Stainless steel loops are supplied with unswaged fittings, so the tube can be completely bottomed in the injection port before the ferrule is swaged. The loop volumes are nominal.
$95.00 - $118.00USD / Each

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Total Volume Capacity (µL) Tubing Outside Diameter (OD) (in)
Availability Pricing
Idex 7755-200 Sample Loop for VHP, SS, 5 µL, 1/16" OD; 1/EA EW-02016-61 Mfr # 7755-200
5 0.0625
$95.00USD / Each
Idex 7755-201 Sample Loop for VHP, SS, 10 µL, 1/16" OD; 1/EA EW-02016-62 Mfr # 7755-201
10 0.0625
$100.00USD / Each
Idex 7755-202 Sample Loop for VHP, SS, 20 µL, 1/16" OD; 1/EA EW-02016-63 Mfr # 7755-202
20 0.0625
$113.00USD / Each
Idex 7755-203 Sample Loop for VHP, SS, 50 µL, 1/16" OD; 1/EA EW-02016-64 Mfr # 7755-203
50 0.0625
$113.00USD / Each
Idex 7755-204 Sample Loop for VHP, SS, 100 µL, 1/16" OD; 1/EA EW-02016-65 Mfr # 7755-204
100 0.0625
$118.00USD / Each
Idex 7755-217 Sample Loop for VHP, SS, 25 µL, 1/16" OD; 1/EA EW-02016-66 Mfr # 7755-217
25 0.0625
$95.00USD / Each
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