IKA C 6000 Calorimeters

Advanced automation and decomposition vessel detection makes your analysis a breeze
  • Choose from various packages to suit the needs of your experiment
  • Various interfaces allow connections to networks, PCs, balances, keyboards and more
  • User-friendly CalWin® C 6040 software available for controlling calorimeter and administration of measured data
Units feature a high level of automation with three working methods—adiabatic, isoperibolic, and dynamic — and are a modern upgrade to the IKA C 5000 units. The sleek design includes convenient touch-screen operation and a decomposition vessel with a spherical top for faster heat transfer results — speeding up your experiment times. Easily prepare and load your samples using the crucible holder technology. Automatic decomposition vessel identification as well as automatic oxygen filling and degassing of the vessel makes setup simple. Automatic water handling system includes tempering, filling and emptying of calorimeter inner vessel.

The C 6000 calorimeter can interface with each of the following: computer, scale, printer, and monitor. Units include an SD card slot for additional data management. User-friendly CalWin C 6040 software (order separately) controls the calorimeter and administration of measuring data.

To provide the calorimeter with cooling water, it needs to be connected to a thermostat (order models 50906-10, -12, -18, or -20 with chiller) or a firmly installed water connection.

Models 50906-12, -16, -20, or -24 include a special halogen-resistant vessel, in lieu of the standard vessel, for quantitative decomposition of halogens and sulfur. The decomposition vessel can be changed over to use combustible crucibles, which are sold separately below.

The C 6000 global standard models (50906-10, -12, -14, and -16) offer a fast dynamic method, as well as traditional adiabatic and isoperibol modes. The C 6000 isoperibol calorimeters (50906-18, -20, -22, and -24) offer the same advantages and features without the adiabatic measuring modes.

What''s included:
$28,570.00 - $38,165.00USD / Each

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Measurement Reproducibility Measurement Types Measuring time
Availability Pricing
IKA 8804301 Global Standards Package, 2/10 Calorimeter EW-50906-14 Mfr # 10004533
Adiabatic: 0.05%, Isoperibol: 0.05%, Dynamic: 0.1% Adiabatic, Isoperibol, Dynamic
$30,995.00USD / Each
IKA 8804401 Global Standards Halogen-Resistant Package, 2/12 Calorimeter EW-50906-16 Mfr # 0010004534
Adiabatic: 0.05%, Isoperibol: 0.05%, Dynamic: 0.1% Adiabatic, Isoperibol, Dynamic Halogen Resistant
$34,815.00USD / Each
IKA 8804501 Isoperibol Package, 1/10 Calorimeter EW-50906-18 Mfr # 10004535
Isoperibol 0.05% Isoperibol
$35,300.00USD / Each
IKA 8804601 Isoperibol Halogen-Resistant Package, 1/12Calorimeter EW-50906-20 Mfr # 10004536
Isoperibol: 0.05% Isoperibol, Halogen Resistant
$38,165.00USD / Each
IKA 8804701 Isoperibol Package, 2/10, Calorimeter EW-50906-22 Mfr # 1004537
Isoperibol: 0.05% Isoperibol
$28,570.00USD / Each
IKA 8804801 Isoperibol Halogen-Resistant Package, 2/12Calorimeter EW-50906-24 Mfr # 10004540
Isoperibol: 3 Isoperibol
$31,910.00USD / Each
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