Impact Testers

Test the resistance of a wide variety of materials- from pens to PVC sheets
  • The industry standard for impact testing
  • Meets ASTM requirements
These instruments evaluate impact resistance and determine the exact point of failure or establish pass/fail specifications.
Light-Duty Tester is ideal for materials that can be damaged or penetrated by small impact forces; such as products mildly abused in households, offices, or labs through years of normal use.
Heavy-Duty Tester is widely used to establish quality control standards for resistance to impact surface damage and penetration of many materials including plastics, resins, fiber glass, sheet metals, and plywood.
Extra Heavy-Duty Tester evaluates the impact resistance of rigid sheets of PVC (30 to 60 mil thick) and other materials exceeding the 160 in-lb limit of the heavy-duty tester. Redesigned arm on the base allows high impact to be applied every time.
Automatic Lift System is pneumatically powered to relieve the operator of repetitive lifting and improve the repeatability of the test. Using a mechanical stop and eliminating any variation in the drop point caused by the operator releasing the weight by eye increases repeatability. This unit is especially helpful when the large 8# weights are used.
$2,295.00 - $5,795.00USD / Each

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Max Force (in-lb)
Availability Pricing
BYK-Gardner PF-1115 Light-Duty Impact Tester, 28 in -lb Maximum EW-04204-20 Mfr # PF-1115
$2,295.00USD / Each
BYK-Gardner PF-1120 Heavy-Duty Impact Tester, 160 in -lb Maximum EW-04204-22 Mfr # PF-1120
$3,340.00USD / Each
BYK-Gardner PF-5546 Extra Heavy-Duty Impact Tester, 320 in -lb Maximum EW-04204-24 Mfr # 5513
$5,795.00USD / Each
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