Infrared PVDF Flow Sensors

Place in any orientation without flow straighteners
These infrared sensors feature a unique turbine design that prevents air or gas bubbles from being trapped in the measuring chamber leading to improved accuracy and repeatability. The design also utilizes a fluid bearing and operates virtually friction free minimizing component wear. The rotor assembly is removable for cleaning or replacement of the flow tube. For protection from particulate, models 32250-12 through -52 include a 100 ìm filter screen; additional screening may be required for -02 and -12 models, see specifications. Note: these sensors cannot be used with opaque fluids.
$736.50 - $1,056.00USD / Each

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Max Flow Rate (GPM) Min Flow Rate (GPM) Process Connection
Availability Pricing
JLC PVDF Infrared Flow Sensor; 0.0. to 0.53 GPM, 1/4" barb connection EW-32250-02 Mfr # IR-OPFLOW-100.11H
0.53 0.03 1/4" Hose Barb
$736.50USD / Each
JLC PVDF Infrared Flow Sensor; 0.08 to 2.38 GPM, 3/8" barb connection EW-32250-12 Mfr # IR-OPFLOW-100.21H
2.38 0.08 3/8" Hose Barb
$768.25USD / Each
JLC PVDF Infrared Flow Sensor; 0.13 to 3.96 GPM, 7/16" barb connection EW-32250-22 Mfr # IR-OPFLOW-100.31H
3.96 0.13 7/16" Hose Barb
$814.00USD / Each
JLC PVDF Infrared Flow Sensor; 0.26 to 7.93 GPM, 5/8" barb connection EW-32250-32 Mfr # IR-OPFLOW-100.41H
7.93 0.26 5/8" Hose Barb
$895.25USD / Each
JLC PVDF Infrared Flow Sensor; 0.66 to 19.8 GPM, 3/4" barb connection EW-32250-42 Mfr # IR-OPFLOW-100.51H
19.8 0.66 3/4" Hose Barb
$1,056.00USD / Each
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