InnoCal® Force Calibrations

NIST-traceable calibrations for force gauges, load cells, and scales of all types
  • Provides traceability to NIST
  • Lists the environmental conditions present at time of calibration
  • Certificate lists actual values, uncertainties, and tolerances
  • Regular calibration helps you meet ISO, EPA, GLPs/GMPs and other quality standards
  • Not an accredited certificate
All calibration certificates contain as-found and as-left data, estimated measurement uncertainties (emu’s) and test uncertainty ratios (TUR’s) at no additional cost!
NIST-traceable calibration allows you to confirm that the specific asset you purchase does in fact meet the manufacturer’s published specification. Receive your product calibrated and ready to use rather than sending it to a third-party or internal calibration lab and incurring additional delays. EPA, USDA, ISO and GLP/GMP standards require regular NIST-Traceable calibration of all test equipment being used in critical applications.
$157.00 - $333.00USD / Each

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NIST Traceable Certificate With Data, Force Gauge, 0-250 Lbs
$157.00USD / Each
NIST Traceable Calibration With Data, Force Gauge, 500 LB Max
$263.00USD / Each
NIST-Traceable Calibration; Load Cell (5 Points), Up to 1000 lbs
$184.00USD / Each
A2LA ISO17025 Accredited Calibration; Force Gauge, 0 to 250 lbs
$227.00USD / Each
A2LA ISO17025 Accredited Calibration; Force Gauge, 500 lb Maximum
$333.00USD / Each
A2LA ISO17025 Accredited Calibration; Load Cell (5 Points)
$254.00USD / Each
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