Julabo Presto Temperature Control Circulator Systems

Offers fast cooling and heating for large external applications
  • Highest accuracy with 3-point calibration and self-optimizing PID control
  • Single bath fluid over a wide range of working temperatures
  • Rapid cool down with no condensation or ice buildup
  • Multiple communication interfaces permit remote control across networks
Ideal for controlling the temperature of jacketed reaction vessels, material stress tests, or temperature simulation, these circulating systems can quickly counteract exothermic and endothermic reaction temperature changes. They deliver extraordinary power over a wide temperature range.
Color touch-screen TFT display offers a well-organized view of important information and user-friendly navigation in eight languages. Choose from preset display layouts or customize the display with readings, graphs, and critical information for a specific application. Features include password protection with user levels, high-temperature and low-level early warnings and cutoffs, and “black box” diagnosis for errors.
System design features whisper-quiet operation, space-saving footprint with no vents or connections on the side, retractable handles and casters for easy portability, top filling funnel with fill indicator, and hydraulic seals to prevent vapors. Maintenance-free circulating pumps generate the desired pressure and dynamically compensate for viscosity changes in the heat transfer fluid (except 12149-02 and -04). Available with air or water cooling: the air-cooled model can be moved around the laboratory, while the water-cooling units need to be connected to an existing water line but have enhanced temperature stability.
Easily access interface for SD memory card, USB, Ethernet, RS-232 and alarm output. Connections for external Pt 100 probe (order 12149-78 separately) and other accessory inputs and outputs. Optional communication protocols are available; contact our Application Specialists.
$29,562.00 - $82,908.00USD / Each

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Heater Wattage (watts) Min Temperature (° C) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
Julabo PRESTO A40 Air-Cooled Refrigerated/Heating Circulator, -40 to 250 °C; 208V/60Hz EW-12149-06 Mfr # 9420401.14
2300 -40 208
$29,562.00USD / Each
Julabo PRESTO W55 Water-Cooled Refrigerated/Heating Circulator, -55 to 250 °C; 208-230V/60Hz EW-12149-68 Mfr # 9421552.16
15000 -55 230
$76,767.00USD / Each
Julabo PRESTO W55 Water-Cooled Refrigerated/Heating Circulator, -55 to 250 °C; 400V/50Hz EW-12149-69 Mfr # 9421552.07
15000 -55 400
$82,908.00USD / Each
Julabo PRESTO A70 Air-Cooled Refrigerated/Heating Circulator, -75 to 250 °C; 208V/60Hz EW-12149-81 Mfr # 9420701.N1.14
1800 -75 208
$43,617.00USD / Each
Julabo PRESTO A70 Air-Cooled Refrigerated/Heating Circulator, -75 to 250 °C; 230V/50Hz EW-12149-83 Mfr # 9420701.N1.03
1800 -75 230
$43,617.00USD / Each
Julabo PRESTO A45t Air-Cooled Refrigerated/Heating Circulator, -45 to 250 °C; 208-230V/60Hz EW-12150-43 Mfr # 9420452.16.T
1000 -45 208
$53,946.00USD / Each
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