Kinesis Disposable Plastic Syringes

Avoid sample contamination
  • Free of latex, plasticizers, PVC, and rubber or synthetic gaskets
  • Free of silicone and oil lubricants inside the barrel that may cause sample contamination
The two-part, all-plastic syringes are compatible with a wide range of chemicals. The barrel and plunger are made of inert, chemical-resistant polypropylene (PP). Transparent barrels and permanent graduations simplify the monitoring and inspection of liquids. Syringes are nonsterile and have a standard conical fitting with 6% (Luer) taper.

These disposable syringes are available with two different connector types: Luer-Lok® or Luer-slip. Luer-Lok syringes have a twist-and-lock mechanism to create a secure fitting connection, making them a safe choice for high back pressure liquids in filter applications. Luer-slip syringes slide into place and are held by friction—ideal for low-pressure applications.
$31.00 - $81.50USD / Pkg of 100

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Syringe Capacity (mL) Syringe Type
Availability Pricing
2 Luer-Lok®
$37.25USD / Pkg of 100
5 Luer-Lok®
$47.25USD / Pkg of 100
10 Luer-Lok®
$64.50USD / Pkg of 100
20 Luer-Lok®
$81.50USD / Pkg of 100
10 Luer slip
$55.00USD / Pkg of 100
20 Luer slip
$73.00USD / Pkg of 100
2 Luer slip
$31.00USD / Pkg of 100
5 Luer slip
$39.00USD / Pkg of 100
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