Kinesis® KX+ LCMS Certified Limited-Volume Screw Top Polypropylene Vials with Caps

Super clean for highly sensitive GCMS and LCMS applications
  • Vials and caps are lot tested by LCMS for cleanliness—certificate of analysis included, complete with MS scan
  • Minimal pH shift—vials and closures have a neutral pH factor
  • Compatible with all autosamplers
  • Select silicone-free PicoPure Plus septa for MS applications
LCMS certified vials are manufactured using a process that reduces surface activity, improving analytical quantification and minimizing pH shifts in the samples. Surface metals such as sodium and boron that can contaminate samples and interfere with trace analysis are effectively removed. Screw vials feature 9-mm short thread with a unique thread design that allows you to screw on the caps and still use them in a robotic autosampler. The thread sits much higher on the vial allowing space between the bottom of the thread and the shoulder of the vial.

Limited volume vials are excellent for handling small-volume samples while delivering low residual volume (<8 µL for 300 µL vials; ,80 µL for 700 µL vials). Polypropylene (PP) is ideal for samples where glass is not appropriate; as with samples that adhere to glass.
$39.25 - $64.50USD / Pkg of 100

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Septum Type Volume (mL)
Availability Pricing
PicoPure Plus silicone-free 0.3
$39.25USD / Pkg of 100
PicoPure Plus silicone-free 0.7
$39.75USD / Pkg of 100
PTFE/silicone 0.3
$51.00USD / Pkg of 100
PTFE/silicone 0.7
$51.00USD / Pkg of 100
Pre-slit PTFE/silicone 0.3
$64.50USD / Pkg of 100
Pre-slit PTFE/silicone 0.7
$64.50USD / Pkg of 100
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