Kinesis® TELOS® neo™ WAX SPE Columns

Mixed-mode weak anion exchange columns for strong acid analyte extraction
  • High surface area and capacity ensure highly reliable retention characteristics
  • No secondary interactions from silanol groups for accurate results
  • Higher sample loading due to high surface area
Recover clean extracts and shorten the time spent on method development using TELOS neo WAX SPE columns. Columns come with a mixed-mode weak anion exchange sorbent containing non-polar and weak base functional groups. This dual retention mechanism provides the ideal environment for successful retention and elution of all acidic compounds, including strong acids.

High surface area and capacity allow the use of smaller sorbent masses, leading to reduced elution volumes and evaporation/reconstitution steps. Polymeric sorbents are water-wettable and not affected by drying out, providing better flow characteristics, retention, and elution.
$137.00 - $187.75USD / Pkg of 30

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Total Volume Capacity (mL) Bed Mass (mg)
Availability Pricing
3 60
$143.00USD / Pkg of 50
6 200
$137.00USD / Pkg of 30
1 30
$177.00USD / Pkg of 100
3 100
$187.75USD / Pkg of 50
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