Kobold Industrial Flow Indicators with Plastic Rotor

Integral cleaning mechanism ensures clear, unobstructed viewing
  • Transparent glass cylinder
  • Self cleaning mechanism for the glass cylinder
  • Universal mountability
With a simple twist of the sight glass, integral wipers clean the viewing area to allow unobstructed observation of th rotor. The offending contaminants are then simply washed away by the medium flow. This process may be repeated as often as desired - no fuss - no downtime.

Available with brass or stainless steel fittings with female threads 1/4" to 1-1/2" NPT. The body is made of a hard glass (Duran) and the rotor and wipers are synthetic. The device is kept tight and rotatable through the use of low friction o-rings.
$195.90 - $830.50USD / Each

18 variations of this product are available.

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Material Fitting Max Flow Rate (GPM) Process Connection
Availability Pricing
Kobold DAA-5115 Flow Indicator, Brass, 6.34 GPM Max EW-32481-61 Mfr # DAA-5115
Brass 6.34 1/2" NPT
$290.00USD / Each
Kobold DAA5108 Flow Indicator, Brass, 2.11 GPM Max EW-32481-62 Mfr # DAA5108
Brass 2.11 1/4"NPT
$213.30USD / Each
Kobold DAA5110 Flow Indicator, Brass, 3.17 GPM Max EW-32481-63 Mfr # DAA5110
Brass 3.17
$247.90USD / Each
Kobold DAA5120 Flow Indicator, Brass, 12.15 GPM Max EW-32481-64 Mfr # DAA5120
Brass 12.15 3/4" NPT
$311.10USD / Each
Kobold DAA5125 Flow Indicator, Brass, 17.44 GPM Max EW-32481-65 Mfr # DAA5125
Brass 17.44 1" NPT
$330.50USD / Each
Kobold DAA5132 Flow Indicator, Brass, 29.06 GPM Max EW-32481-66 Mfr # DAA5132
Brass 29.06 1 1/4"NPT
$412.10USD / Each
Kobold DAA5140 Flow Indicator, Brass, 42.27 GPM Max EW-32481-67 Mfr # DAA5140
Brass 42.27 1 1/2"NPT
$464.10USD / Each
Kobold DAA5208 Flow Indicator, SS, 2.11 GPM Max EW-32481-68 Mfr # DAA5208
SS 2.11 1/4"NPT
$324.40USD / Each
Kobold DAA5210 Flow Indicator, SS, 3.17 GPM Max EW-32481-69 Mfr # DAA5210
SS 3.17 3/8"NPT
$366.20USD / Each
Kobold DAA5215 Flow Indicator, SS, 6.34 GPM Max EW-32481-70 Mfr # DAA5215
SS 6.34 1/2" NPT
$401.60USD / Each
Kobold DAA5220 Flow Indicator, SS, 12.15 GPM Max EW-32481-71 Mfr # DAA5220
SS 12.15 3/4" NPT
$422.30USD / Each
Kobold DAA5225 Flow Indicator, SS, 17.44 GPM Max EW-32481-72 Mfr # DAA5225
SS 17.44 1" NPT
$547.75USD / Each
Kobold DAA5240 Flow Indicator, SS, 42.27 GPM Max EW-32481-74 Mfr # DAA5240
SS 42.27 1 1/2"NPT
$830.50USD / Each
Kobold DAA6108 Flow Indicator, Brass w/o Rotor, 3.17 GPM Max EW-32481-75 Mfr # DAA6108
Brass 3.17 1/4"NPT
$195.90USD / Each
Kobold DAA6115 Flow Indicator, Brass w/o Rotor, 7.93 GPM Max EW-32481-77 Mfr # DAA6115
Brass 7.93 1/2" NPT
$252.00USD / Each
Kobold DAA6208 Flow Indicator, SS w/o Rotor, 3.17 GPM Max EW-32481-82 Mfr # DAA6208
SS 3.17 1/4"NPT
$312.20USD / Each
Kobold DAA6225 Flow Indicator, SS w/o Rotor, 23.78 GPM Max EW-32481-86 Mfr # DAA6225
SS 23.78 1" NPT
$546.50USD / Each
Kobold DAA6232 Flow Indicator, SS w/o Rotor, 39.63 GPM Max EW-32481-87 Mfr # DAA6232
SS 39.63 1 1/4"NPT
$679.50USD / Each
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