Kobold Paddle Type Flow Switches

The device operates as follows: The flowing medium presses against the paddle for the flow switch. The paddle is fitted to one end of a balance arm which is in direct contact with a prestressed leaf spring. At the other end of the balance arm is a permanent magnet. This magnet actuates a reed contact located within a moveable housing outside the media. The reed contact switches on or off depending on the position of the permanent magnet and the switch housing. The status of the switch may then be used to electrically control the fluid flow. The moveable reed switch on the unit allows the contacts to be set either normally open (N/O) or normally closed (N/C).

  • Switch point adjustable
  • Easy to install
  • Brass or SS construction
  • Maximum pressure: 1450/3600 PSI
$95.65 - $379.30USD / Each

13 variations of this product are available.

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Max Flow Rate (GPM) Min Flow Rate (GPM) Wetted Materials
Availability Pricing
Kobold PSR-5105 Brass Psr Paddle Flow Type Switch EW-32481-29 Mfr # PSR-5105
$95.65USD / Each
Kobold PSR-5110 Brass Psr Paddle Type Flow Switch EW-32481-30 Mfr # PSR-5110
$100.90USD / Each
Kobold PSR-5115 Flow Switch, Brass 1.3-2.1/1.0-2.0 GPM Increase/Decrease EW-32481-31 Mfr # PSR-5115
$110.40USD / Each
Kobold PSR-5120 Flow Switch, Brass 3.0-4.0/2.2-3.0 GPM Increase/Decrease EW-32481-32 Mfr # PSR-5120
$100.90USD / Each
Kobold PSR-5125 Flow Switch, Brass 3.2-5.0/2.4-4.5 GPM Increase/Decrease EW-32481-33 Mfr # PSR-5125
$125.20USD / Each
Kobold PSR-5132 Brass Psr Paddle Type Flow Switch EW-32481-34 Mfr # PSR-5132
$142.80USD / Each
Kobold PSR-5205 Flow Switch, SS, 0.9-1.3/0.6-1.2 GPM Increase/Decrease EW-32481-35 Mfr # PSR-5205
$242.80USD / Each
Kobold PSR-5215 Flow Switch, SS, 1.3-2.1/1.0-2.0 GPM Increase/Decrease EW-32481-36 Mfr # PSR-5215
$250.10USD / Each
Kobold PSR-5220 Flow Switch, SS, 3.0-4.0/2.2-3.0 GPM Increase/Decrease EW-32481-37 Mfr # PSR-5220
$266.90USD / Each
Kobold PSR-5225 Flow Switch, 3.2-5.0/2.4-4.5 GPM Increase/Decrease EW-32481-38 Mfr # PSR-5225
$289.00USD / Each
Kobold PSR-5240 1-1/2 Innpt Ss 9.2-15.0GPM Incr 7.9-14.3GPM Decr EW-32481-40 Mfr # PSR-5240
$379.30USD / Each
Kobold PSR-5140 1-1/2 Innpt Brass 9.2-15.0GPM Incr 7.9-14.3GPM Decr EW-32481-41 Mfr # PSR-5140
$151.70USD / Each
Kobold PSR-5210 Ss Flow Switch 1.0-1.6 Gpm Increasing 0.7-1.5 Gpm Decreasing EW-32481-42 Mfr # PSR-5210
$241.80USD / Each
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