Labconco 6-Liter FreeZone Console Freeze Dryers

Ideal for large sampe loads or numerous sample batches
  • Full color, 5" capacitive touchscreen
  • Moisture sensor prevents refrigeration or vacuum start-up when moisture in the drain line is detected
  • Vaccum break valve bleeds air into system when power is shut off
  • Stainless steel collection coil and chamber material
These FreeZone freeze dryers have an upright stainless steel collector coil that holds 6 liters of ice before defrosting. Console cabinet has interior space for a vacuum pump (sold separately) and two-piece, removable front panel with viewing window. The -50ºC (-58ºF) dryers have a single 1/3 hp HCFC/CFC-free refrigeration system which are suitable for aqueous samples. The dryers are easy to operate due to the full color 5" touch screen control that comes complete with Lyo-Works™ OS. Real time display shows collector temperature and vacuum level. Setting include 5 different languages, time, time zone, temperature (ºC or ºF), and vacuum (mBar, Torr, or Pa). Other setting available include, alerts, display, sounds, screen time out, and maintenance alert.
Level-specific security lock-out prevents changes to programs and other system parameters. Data logging stores and displays data in table or chart format and can be exported via the side mounted USB port or rear mounted Ethernet connection. Other features include; Moisture sensor, vacuum control valve, vacuum break valve, front mounted quick-disconnect drain hose fittings, and internal electrical receptacle for vacuum pump connection.
All models require (not included) vacuum pump with a displacement of at leat 98 liters per minute, 0.002 mBar ultimate pressure and fitting suitable for 3/4" ID vacuum hose, drying accessories, and freeze dry glassware.
$16,315.00USD / Each

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Capacity (Liters) Cooling Capacity (° C) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
Labconco FreeZone FreeZone 6L -50° C Console Freeze Dryer with Stainless coil 115V 60Hz EW-03336-22 Mfr # 700611000
6 -50 115
$16,315.00USD / Each
Labconco FreeZone FreeZone 6L -50° C Console Freeze Dryer with Stainless coil 230V 50Hz Schuko EW-03336-23 Mfr # 700611030
6 -50 230
$16,315.00USD / Each
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