Labconco CentriVap Concentrator System

Versatile parallel evaporation
  • Large concentrator chamber can hold up to 148 samples
  • Cold trap condenses solvents to –55degC
  • View dry-down progress with optional strobe light
  • Rotors are interchangeable and for use with the CentriVap Centrifugal Solvent Evaporator Systems 28656-01, 28656-06, and 28656-11
Remove solvent from your samples using vacuum, centrifugal force, and gentle surface-distributed heat transfer. CentriVap systems rapidly evaporate solvents from multiple biological or analytical samples. Evaporated solvents are collected in refrigerated cold trap. A final stage filter eliminates trace solvent to protect your vacuum pump. Order vacuum pump and centrifuge tubes separately. Interchangeable rotors, strobe light, and additional accessories are available.
Benchtop Concentrator uses centrifugal force to eliminate bumping and foaming and maximize recovery of trace solutes. Vacuum activates after rotor achieves top speed. Set heat from ambient to 100degC in 1deg increments to speed evaporation with built-in microprocessor-controlled 300-watt heater. Se
$160.00 - $182.00USD / Each

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Condenser Type Evaporation Flask Size Max Speed (rpm)
Availability Pricing
Labconco 7814900 CentriVap Moisture Trap Insert, final stage desiccant for aqueous dry-downs EW-28650-52 Mfr # 7814900
$160.00USD / Each
Labconco 7815000 CentriVap Radioisotope trap insert, final stage activated carbon EW-28650-53 Mfr # 7815000
$182.00USD / Each
Labconco 7815200 CentriVap Solvent Trap Insert, Final stage molecular sieve EW-28650-54 Mfr # 7815200
$160.00USD / Each
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