Labconco Filtermate Portable Exhausters

Use these air filtration units to pull air-borne fumes and powder through your XPert Balance Enclosure or XVS Ventilation Station. Filter removes contaminants before returning air to room or exhausting to outside. Specify efficient, high-load filters to remove general organics, particulates (HEPA filter), or both. Adjust airflow to give optimal performance. Order optional filters for formaldehyde and ammonia. HEPA filter models are available for external exhaust using a thimble connection.

FilterMate Exhausters have compact, corrosion-resistant housings of white and gray epoxy-coated steel. Rubber feet. Variable speed blower operation is quiet with a unique perforated exhaust cover. Includes IEC 3-wire electrical cord with plug.
$4,438.00 - $5,367.00USD / Each

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Exterior Width (in) Filter Type Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
Labconco Filtermate 3970000 Portable Exhauster, HEPA Filter, Internal exhaust, 115V EW-09100-60 Mfr # 3970000
14 HEPA 115
$4,934.00USD / Each
Labconco Filtermate 3970001 Portable Exhauster, Carbon-based Filter, Internal Exhaust, 115V EW-09100-65 Mfr # 3970001
14 Carbon 115
$4,438.00USD / Each
Labconco Filtermate 3970021 Portable Exhauster, Carbon-based Filter, Internal Exhaust, 230V EW-09100-67 Mfr # 3970021
14 Carbon 230
$4,438.00USD / Each
Labconco Filtermate 3970022 Portable Exhauster, HEPA Filter, External Exhaust, 230V EW-09100-72 Mfr # 3970022
18.625 HEPA 230
$5,135.00USD / Each
Labconco Filtermate 3970003 Portable Exhauster, HEPA/Carbon Filters, Internal; 115V EW-09100-75 Mfr # 3970003
15 HEPA/Carbon 115
$5,367.00USD / Each
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