Labconco Fume Adsorbers

Trap harmful xylene and toluene fumes
Fume adsorbers are designed for light-duty applications involving organic solvents, formaldehyde, ammonia, or low molecular weight amines. Fume adsorbers use carbon filtration to trap vapors so that safe, filtered air is returned to the laboratory. No outside ducting is required. These portable, low-profile enclosures fit easily on countertops with overhanging cabinets and are available in two widths.
Each fume adsorber includes carbon filters that adsorbs vapors from organic solvents, formaldehyde or ammonia. Models 09003-40, -45, -75, -80, -85 and -90 require two filters; all other models require one filter. Features include built-in motorized impeller to provide face velocity up to 35 fpm. Adsorber has a white, dry powder epoxy-coated steel housing with perforated baffle for uniform airflow. Canopy is a clear, one-piece 3/8"-thick, shatter-resistant acrylic. Quiet operation is 58 to 63 dBA. A pre-wired rear-mounted auxiliary electrical receptacle has a top-mounted blower switch with circuit breaker. Work surface and base cabinet must be ordered separately.
What's included: Carbon filter (two for double models), power switch, and an 8-ft cord. The 115 VAC models include a three-prong plug.
$3,171.00 - $5,980.00USD / Each

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Exterior Width (in) Power (VAC) Description
Availability Pricing
Labconco 3955200 Single-Filter Organic Solvent Fume Adsorber, 115V EW-09003-30 Mfr # 3955200
30 115 Single-Filter Organic Solvent Fume Adsorber, 115V
$3,171.00USD / Each
Labconco 3955220 Single-Filter Organic Solvent Fume Adsorber, 230V, 50/60 Hz EW-09003-35 Mfr # 3955220
30 230 Single-Filter Organic Solvent Fume Adsorber, 230V, 50/60 Hz
$3,327.00USD / Each
Labconco 3955402 Double-filter Ammonia Fume Adsorber, 115V EW-09003-80 Mfr # 3955402
60 115 Double-filter Ammonia Fume Adsorber, 115V
$5,980.00USD / Each
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