Labconco Protector Evidence Drying Cabinet

Safely dry evidence while ensuring there is no DNA cross-contamination
This new drying cabinet provides a secure, ventilated area to safely dry wet evidence that may contain biohazards. An internal blower creates airflow to speed the drying process. HEPA and carbon filters are included to filter the airflow exhaust. The HEPA filter protects end users from pathogens that can be found in blood and body fluids, while the carbon filters prevent odors from entering the lab. A filter alarm light alerts you to low airflow conditions, prompting a filter change.

The unique cabinet design includes a key-activated UV light to prevent DNA cross- contamination when transferring evidence into the cabinet between cases. After the cabinet is disinfected and cleaned, the UV light is activated to provide secondary decontamination by denaturing any remaining DNA left in the cabinet.

Spacious interior measures 32 1/4"W x 56"H x 26 1/2"D. Smaller evidence can be placed on three collapsible shelves while larger evidence is hung from a stainless steel hanging rod. The interior floor is sloped to a drain to aid cleanup. A drain bucket is housed in the storage area below the cabinet; storage area can also be used to hold supplies.

Safety glass door maximizes visibility and withstands UV exposure. The door may be secured with a user-supplied padlock or optional tamper-evidence tag to maintain chain of custody. An inlet roughing prefilter on yhe door traps dust and other large particles before they can enter the cabinet. All cabinets can be moved easily with standard 2” (16.6 cm) casters and overall dimensions that allow passage through a standard-size door.

The leaktight interior of the cabinet is brushed 304 stainless steel, while the exterior is epoxy-coated steel. The built-in adjustable-speed exhaust blower is rated to 75 watts with solid-state control rated for 5 amps. Fan has a three-position switch: fan On, Off, and UV light On.

$8,995.00USD / Each

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Labconco 3400000 Evidence Drying Cabinet, 110 VAC EW-28616-00 Mfr # 3400000
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$8,995.00USD / Each
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