Liquid-Solids Separator / Concentrator Units

Proven design utilizes centrifugal action to remove and concentrate solids
  • No screens, cartridges or filters to clean or replace
  • Backflushing is not required - minimizing the loss of water and process fluids
  • Unit has no moving parts - less maintenance down time required
In many processes, removal of solids can extend the usefulness of the process media and protect equipment from fouling and abrasive wear; regulatory benefits also exist in many applications. The basic design requires no electrical power and minimal piping, which makes cost payback on the installation quick.

The unit has a low and consistent pressure loss making process integration easy. Made from carbon steel, it is extremely durable and relatively inexpensive compared to other separation technologies.
$579.75 - $2,848.50USD / Each

8 variations of this product are available.

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Collection Chamber Capacity (Gal) Flow Range
Availability Pricing
0.3 4 to 10 GPM
$579.75USD / Each
0.3 10 to 20 GPM
$585.25USD / Each
0.3 19 to 32 GPM
$686.75USD / Each
0.3 28 to 48 GPM
$694.00USD / Each
0.3 45 to 70 GPM
$796.50USD / Each
0.8 65 to 108 GPM
$1,002.50USD / Each
1.25 95 to 155 GPM
$1,279.50USD / Each
2.2 148 to 290 GPM
$2,848.50USD / Each
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