M-System M3 Series Field-Configurable Universal Transmitters

M-System's M3 Series are DIN rail mounted, universal input transmitters with 1500 VAC isolation. Ideal for Spare Parts Stock Reduction Programs, the M3 Series supports two methods for configuring the unit:

One-Step Cal configuration
Both input type and range, and output type and range are easily programmable with internal DIP switches and ront control buttons, not needing any special computer knowledge to program.

PC Configuration
When you need to apply the same setting to multiple transmitters, downloading one setting from the PC is convenient. Typical applications including eliminating ground loops in temperature measurement applications and providing an isolated interface to data acquisitions and control systems.
$28.39 - $280.50USD / Each

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Input type Power Supply (VDC)
Availability Pricing
M-System M3LU-R4/A/UL DEFAULT Unvrsl Transmittr 0-20mA -10 To +10V Dc Pwr EW-68467-07 Mfr # M3LU-R4/A/UL DEFAULT
Thermocouple, RTD 10 to 32
$280.50USD / Each
$330.00USD / Each
M-System M3LLC-S2-R4/A/UL DEFAULT Strain Gauge Transmitter EW-68467-09 Mfr # M3LLC-S2-R4/A/UL DEFAULT
10 to 32
$280.50USD / Each
$330.00USD / Each
M-System MCN-CON PC Configurator Cable f/ M3 series signal conditioners EW-68467-13 Mfr # MCN-CON
10 to 32
$28.39USD / Each
$33.40USD / Each
M-System M3LV-R4/A/UL DEFAULT Isolator 0-20mA -10 To +10 V EW-68467-14 Mfr # M3LV-R4/A/UL DEFAULT
10 to 32
$227.16USD / Each
$267.25USD / Each
M-System M3LR-R4/A Rtd Transmitter 0-20mA -10 To +10 V EW-68467-16 Mfr # M3LR-R4/A/UL DEFAULT
RTD 10 to 32
$245.43USD / Each
$288.75USD / Each
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