Marsh Bellofram Type 2000 I/P Transducers

±0.25% full scale accuracy
  • 4 to 20 mA Input
  • High and low split ranging
  • Field-selectable features
  • Direct and reverse acting input and output
Transducers are designed for valve actuating, air cylinders, and controllers. The 4 to 20 mA current input is conditioned to provide a signal directly proportional to the desired pressure output. The piezo-ceramic actuator serves as a control link between electrical input and pressure output. As voltage increases, the force applied by the actuator increases, so as to restrict nozzle bleed and thus increase pilot pressure. The increased pilot pressure applied to the diaphragm causes opening of the supply valve increasing output pressure.
$815.00USD / Each

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Max Exhaust Flow Rate (SCFM) Max Supply Pressure (PSI) Supply Pressure Effect
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Marsh Bellofram 2KSNNF42DF31500 Pressure Trandsucer, I to P;3-15 psi Output, 4-20 mA Input EW-68826-24 Mfr # 2KSNNF42DF31500
$815.00USD / Each
Marsh Bellofram 2KSNNF42DF63000 Pressure Trandsucer, I to P;6-30 psi Output, 4-20 mA Input EW-68826-28 Mfr # 2KSNNF42DF63000
$815.00USD / Each
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