Masterflex® Single-Use Flow Sensor Outputs

Build a complete single-use flow sensor system customizable to your application
  • Modular interchangeable flow sensor systems with single-use design
  • Quickly connect 5 to 30 V square wave pulse output for easy measurement readings
The Masterflex® single-use flow sensor system is comprised of four components. Select the flow sensor, flow tubes, barcode scanner, and output that suit your application needs for a customizable approach to single-use flow measurement.

Four output options are available — digital to analog converter, metering pump control system, panel mount flow display with totalizer, and benchtop flow display with totalizer.

Flow in your tubing is picked up via the IR beam in the sensor connection and converted into a 5 to 30 V square wave pulse output.

The digital-to-analog converter converts the 5 to 30 V square wave pulse to a voltage, current, or frequency output.

The metering pump control system allows for adjusting and controlling metering pumps, such as a peristaltic pump, in batch or flow processes. Control the channel of one pump with flow velocity and totalizing data read out.

The panel and benchtop flow displays with totalizer features a large, backlit, 8-digit, LCD showing accurate flow readout.

Flow tube sensor, flow tubes, and barcode scanner are sold separately.
$329.00 - $903.00USD / Each

4 variations of this product are available.

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Display Type Description
Availability Pricing
None Digital to Analog Converter
$329.00USD / Each
None Barcode Scanner
$903.00USD / Each
8-digit, 10-mm height LCD with LED backlight Flow Display and Totalizer; Desktop Enclosure
$900.00USD / Each
8-digit, 10-mm height LCD with LED backlight Flow Display and Totalizer; Panel Mount
$541.00USD / Each
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