Masterflex® Single-Use Flow Sensor System Bundles

Ready-to-go flow sensor system bundles for your application
  • Order a kit for easy start up - flow sensor and tubes bundled together
  • Modular interchangeable flow sensor systems with single-use design
  • Accurate 1% of reading measurement at low flow
  • Low operating cost disposable flow tubes for optimal contamination-free production
  • Ideal for single-use applications while also suitable for long-term measurement
  • Flow tubes and turbine sensors are produced and tested under cleanroom conditions
The Masterflex single-use flow sensor system is comprised of the following:

1. Sensor Housing

Tubeholder sensor secures the flow tube with a screw-down closure and has a flat base, ideal for surface or bench work. Available in both PVDF and PFA for highly corrosive applications.

2. Flow Tubes

Flow tubes come precalibrated to one point. Each flow tube has an attached label that indicates the lot number, serial number, K-factor, and 2-D bar code with all the calibration data.

3. Optional

The barcode can quickly be read by the barcode scanner making the calibration process unnecessary when exchanging a flow tube. Eliminate long downtimes and extra calibration while ensuring an accurate measurement with the barcode scanner.

Three output options are available: digital to analog converter, metering pump control system, panel-mount flow display with totalizer, and benchtop flow display with totalizer.

Calibration certificates are available for the flow tubes. Each flow tube comes calibrated without a certificate with the K-factor to 1 point at 50% of the flow range. The optional calibration certificate for the 1-point calibration can be obtained at any time. Calibration with certificate to K-factor at 5 points of flow range can be ordered at the time flow tubes are ordered.
$890.00 - $1,582.00USD / Each

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Max Flow Rate (LPM) Min Flow Rate (LPM) Description
Availability Pricing
2 0.03 Turbine Flow Sensor Kit, Tubeholder, PVDF, 0.03 to 2 LPM; 7 mm Barbed Connection
$890.00USD / Each
20 0.5 Turbine Flow Sensor Kit, Tubeholder, PVDF, 0.5 to 20 LPM; 12 mm Barbed Connection
$955.00USD / Each
200 3 Turbine Flow Sensor Kit, Tubeholder, PVDF, 5 to 120 LPM; 32 mm Barbed Connection
$1,582.00USD / Each
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