Masterflex® Single-Use Flow Tube Calibration Certificates

Build a complete single-use flow sensor system customizable to your application
  • Modular interchangeable flow sensor systems with single-use design
  • Accurate 1% of reading measurement at low flow
  • Calibration certificates are ISO 17025 certified
The Masterflex® single-use flow sensor system is comprised of four components. Select the flow sensor, flow tubes, barcode scanner, and output that suit your application needs for a customizable approach to single-use flow measurement.

Flow tubes come precalibrated to one point. Each flow tube has an attached label that indicates the lot number, serial number, K-factor, and 2-D bar code with all the calibration data.

Calibration certificates are available for the flow tubes. Each flow tube comes calibrated without a certificate with the K-factor to 1 point at 50% of the flow range. The optional calibration certificate for the 1-point calibration can be obtained at any time. Calibration with certificate to K-factor at 5 points of flow range can be ordered at the time flow tubes are ordered.

Flow tube sensor, flow tubes, barcode scanner, and outputs sold separately.
$21.00 - $42.00USD / Each

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Calibration Test Points Number Of Calibration Test Points Description
Availability Pricing
K-factor at 50% of flowrate 1 Calibration Certificate , Single Point per Flowmeter
$21.00USD / Each
K-factor at 5 points of flowrate 5 Calibration Certificate , Five Points per Flowmeter
$42.00USD / Each
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