MediaKap Hollow Fiber Media Filters

Sterilize and clarify cell culture media and aqueous solutions quickly and efficiently
  • Filters may be used as pressure filters with peristaltic pumps, pressure vessels, or repeating syringes
MediaKap® Hollow Fiber Media Filter provides biocompatibility, low extractables, and high flow rates for serum-free media, and aqueous solutions. Polypropylene autovent prevents air locking. Naturally hydrophilic, 0.2 µm microporous membrane.
$374.00 - $753.00USD / Pkg of 12

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Connections Max Throughput (mL) Sterile
Availability Pricing
MediaKap ME2M-020-18S Hollow Fiber Media Filters, 0.2-2 L, F/M Luer; 18/Pk EW-29510-00 Mfr # ME2M-020-18S
Female luer by Male luer 2000 Yes
$420.00USD / of 18
MediaKap ME2M-050-18S Hollow Fiber Media Filters, 2-5 L, F/M Luer; 18/Pk EW-29510-02 Mfr # ME2M-050-18S
Female luer by Male luer 5000 Yes
$750.00USD / of 18
MediaKap ME2M-25B-06S Hollow Fiber Media Filters, 10-25 L, 1/4-3/8" ID, Bell; 6/Pk EW-29510-06 Mfr # ME2M-25B-06S
1/4" to 3/8" hose barb 25000 Yes
$519.00USD / of 6
MediaKap ME2M-50B-03S Hollow Fiber Media Filters, 25-50 L, 1/4-3/8" ID, Bell; 3/Pk EW-29510-08 Mfr # ME2M-50B-03S
1/4" to 3/8" hose barb 50000 Yes
$374.00USD / of 3
MediaKap ME2M-10B-12S Hollow Fiber Media Filters, 1000 mL/min Flow Rate EW-29510-14 Mfr # ME2M-10B-12S
1/4" hose barb 10000 Yes
$753.00USD / of 12
MediaKap ME2M-05B-12S Hollow Fiber Media Filters, 2-5 L, F/M Luer, Bell; 12/Pk EW-29510-22 Mfr # ME2M-05B-12S
Female luer by Male luer 5000 Yes
$550.00USD / Pkg of 12
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