Megger 5, 10, and 15 kV DC Insulation Resistance Testers

Ensures continued operation of transmission and distribution equipment, preventing outages and downtime
  • Maintain productivity even with a dead battery—operate from online mains power
  • Rapid charge Li-ion battery provides up to 6 hrs continuous testing (5 kV)
  • Timed IR plus PI and DAR diagnostic tests
  • Dedicated voltmeter function (30 V to 660 V)
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD with backlight
  • Noise filter rejects up to 3 mA noise
  • Tough outer case protects against knocks and drops
These insulation resistance testers are designed for distribution maintenance, commissioning, and industrial/OEM applications. Accurately perform insulation testing on power MV and HV transformers, current transformers, cables, motors and generators (stators and rotors), circuit breakers, and more. These units allow you to take measurements when connected to line power/mains supply with a dead battery. The intelligent battery charging function ensures the optimal charge rate as a function of the battery level, resulting in minimum charge times.
$5,004.00 - $8,742.00USD / Each

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DC Current Accuracy (mA) DC Voltage Range (Voltage) Resistance Accuracy
Availability Pricing
Megger MIT515 Insulation Resistance Tester, 5 kV EW-20043-60 Mfr # 1001-936
±5% ±0.2 nA at all voltages 5000 ±5% to 1 TΩ, ±20% to 10 TΩ
$5,004.00USD / Each
Megger MIT525 Insulation Resistance Tester, 5 kV EW-20043-61 Mfr # 1001-940
±5% ±0.2 nA at all voltages 5000 ±5% to 1 TΩ, ±20% to 10 TΩ
$6,526.00USD / Each
Megger MIT1025 Insulation Resistance Tester, 10 kV EW-20043-62 Mfr # 1001-944
±5% ±0.2 nA at all voltages 10000 ±5% to 2 TΩ, ±20% to 20 TΩ
$7,917.00USD / Each
Megger MIT1525 Insulation Resistance Tester, 15 kV EW-20047-11 Mfr # 1002-909
±5% ±0.2 nA at all voltages 15000 ±5% to 32 TΩ, ±20% to 30 TΩ
$8,742.00USD / Each
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