Megger Insulation Resistance Testers

These insulation resistance testers are the recognized standard in the industry. They have proven so reliable and popular that they have been reintroduced, generation after generation, with circuitry upgraded to complement the familiar design.
True analog movement remains a popular feature, especially where diagnosis is involved. The trained eye can get much more than just a MÙ reading from an analog meter. Similarly, a guard terminal adds a valuable extra dimension when more than just pass/fail testing is desired. With commonly four test voltages, extra range to the resistance measurements, continuity and kÙ functions for proofing and troubleshooting, they address the widest range of applications and are the most general models.
  • BD422101The most basic hand-cranked tester. Dating back to its initial version, this has the longest history and is the most popular model ever on the market. The dependability of this self-contained generator remains unchallenged
  • BD422103 A dual source version, combining line operation and hand-crank, ease and dependability
  • BD422104 Operates on convenient throwaway batteries
  • BD422105 Battery rechargeable by internal charger and powered by 120 volt ac, 50/60 Hz line
  • BD422106 A lower-voltage, lower-range version of the BD422101. With a 50 V output selection, it is the model of choice for testing sensitive equipment, subassemblies, and components
  • BD422107 High Resistance Model – Offering a greater range (by a power of 10). This is the instrument of choice where accurate readings of exceptionally high resistance values are preferred over pass/fail infinity readings. This capability makes this unit especially suited for long-term trending of new equipment where readings will commence from factory-fresh values
  • BD422109 Digital Autoranging Model - For those who prefer digital, this model includes all of the Megger series standard capabilities Model 210170 — High Resistance Model — Offers a greater range (by a power of 10) while providing accurate readings of exceptionally high resistance values. This unit is especially suited for long-term trending of new equipment
$1,270.00 - $1,535.00USD / Each

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DC Voltage Accuracy Max Resistance (M ohms) Max Voltage (Voltage)
Availability Pricing
Megger MJ359 Analog Insulation Tester, Hand-Crank/Line Powered EW-20010-38 Mfr # 6410-865
250 V, 500 V, 1000 V 30%, -0% max 2000 1000
$1,400.00USD / Each
Megger 210170 High Resistance Analog Insulation Tester, Hand-Crank EW-20022-56 Mfr # 6410-957
20000 1000
$1,535.00USD / Each
Megger MJ159 Analog Insulation Tester, Hand-Crank EW-20022-58 Mfr # MJ159
250 V, 500 V, 1000 V 30%, -0% max 2000 1000
$1,270.00USD / Each
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