Mettler Toledo Excellence XSR Analytical Balances

Built-in quality assurance monitoring delivers fast, accurate results
  • StatusLight™ uses colored display lights to let you know when balance is ready for weighing
  • Integrated LabX® software automatically saves all data results and provides high process security
  • Fully Automatic Calibration Technology (proFACT) performs internal calibrations automatically and at pre-programmed intervals
  • SmartTrac program facilitates dosing in small increments to a target weight
  • Draft shield side doors open automatically with a simple push of the door
  • SmartGrid weighing platform reduces effect of turbulence—shortens stabilization time
  • LevelControl warns when balance is not level and corrects within seconds
  • Ensure samples meets minimum weight requirement using minweigh function
  • Glove-compatible color touch screen is easy to use and clearly displays weighing results
  • Draft shield and weighing pan dismantle in seconds for easy cleaning
TThe XSR analytical balances feature several integrated functions such as StatusLight, MinWeigh, and LevelControl which work together to ensure weighing conditions are met, delivering you fast, accurate results every time. Ergonomic design of the weighing chamber lets you easily access balance from both sides of draft shield door, while the low-positioned weighing pan allows you to comfortably rest your hands on the bench for effortless manual dosing.

An intuitive touch screen streamlines operation for quick access to menus and tasks and allows you to set up shortcuts and use multiple fingers to enter data. Store regularly used weighing methods for quick future recall. Easily transfer data to a PC, printer, or bar code reader via four USB or Ethernet ports—no more manual transcriptions. Use the LabX software to automatically generate a customized report, securely save data in a centralized database, and access results at any time. The balances can be password protected to limit user access to function settings.

All XSR balances feature a state-of-the-art user interface allowing you to easily connect and switch tasks between different balances.
$6,830.00 - $13,190.00USD / Each

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Calibration Type Capacity (g) Readability (mg)
Availability Pricing
Mettler Toledo XSR104 Excellence Analytical Balance, 120g x 0.0001g; Internal Calibration EW-11334-23 Mfr # XSR104
Internal 120 0.1
$8,335.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo XSR105 Excellence Analytical Balance, 120g x 0.00001g; Internal Calibration EW-11334-25 Mfr # XSR105
Internal 120 0.01
$12,500.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo XSR105DU Excellence Analytical Balance, 120g/41g x 0.00001g/0.0001g; Internal Calibration EW-11334-27 Mfr # XSR105DU
Internal 120 0.1
$9,895.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo XSR204 Excellence Analytical Balance, 220g x 0.0001g; Internal Calibration EW-11334-29 Mfr # XSR204
Internal 220 0.1
$9,695.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo XSR204DR Excellence Analytical Balance, 220g/81g x 0.0001g/0.001g; Internal Calibration EW-11334-31 Mfr # XSR204DR
Internal 220 1
$8,465.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo XSR225DU Excellence Analytical Balance, 220g/121g x 0.00001g/0.0001g; Internal Calibration EW-11334-33 Mfr # XSR225DU
Internal 220 0.1
$13,190.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo XSR304 Excellence Analytical Balance, 320g x 0.0001g; Internal Calibration EW-11334-35 Mfr # XSR304
Internal 320 0.1
$10,510.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo XSR64 Excellence Analytical Balance, 64g x 0.0001g; Internal Calibration EW-11334-37 Mfr # XSR64
Internal 61 0.1
$6,830.00USD / Each
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