Mettler Toledo MA Series Portable Precision Toploading Balances

Designed for mobility and simple operation
  • Compact design for easy transportation
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD hybrid touchscreen simplify operation
  • Battery operable for up to 15 hours—ideal for field work
  • Internal calibration ensure accuracy
  • Flexible integration options—connect using USB-A and RS-232
  • Automatically recognizes plugged in peripheral devices
  • Easily identify samples using the sample ID function
  • Front level indicator helps provide repeatable and accurate results
  • Overload protection guards the weighing cell against excess weight overload
  • High-quality materials and solid construction provide long service life
Use the MA series portable precision toploading balances in the field or your lab. These compact balances operate on batteries or VAC—easily pick up and take them to wherever you need to take measurements, plus the small footprint offers extra space for all your other equipment and samples. The large, easy-to-read LCD hybrid touchscreen provides on-screen instructions for quick and efficient operation even when wearing gloves.

The USB-A and RS-232 interfaces allow easy transfer of data to a printer, computer, or USB storage device for complete and error-free documentation. Ten built-in applications include essential weighing functions, statistics, and formulation. Perform weighing operations below the balance with the included weighing hook. Password protection feature restricts modification of the balance settings to authorized personnel only.

Rugged housing, made of high-quality and durable materials, protects the sensitive sensor from environmental influences and impacts. Smooth surfaces and rounded edges provide quick and easy cleaning. Built-in overload protection prolongs the life of your balance.
$1,713.00 - $2,189.00USD / Each

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Capacity (g) Readability (g) Repeatability (g)
Availability Pricing
Mettler Toledo MA602P Portable Toploading Balance, MA Series, 620g x 0.01g with LCD Hybrid Touchscreen and Internal Calibration EW-02629-32 Mfr # 30697487
620 0.01 0.01
$1,713.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo MA2002P Portable Toploading Balance, MA Series, 2200g x 0.01g with LCD Hybrid Touchscreen and Internal Calibration EW-02629-33 Mfr # 30697490
2200 0.01 0.01
$2,189.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo MA6001P Portable Toploading Balance, MA Series, 6200g x 0.1g with LCD Hybrid Touchscreen and Internal Calibration EW-02629-34 Mfr # 30697493
620 0.1 0.1
$1,963.00USD / Each
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