Mettler Toledo NewClassic ME-TE Toploading Balances

Easy worry-free weighing
  • Large color touchscreen and intuitive interface simplify operation
  • Fully Automatic Calibration Technology (FACT) ensures accuracy
  • Eight embedded applications include essential weighing functions, statistics, and formulation
  • Sample ID and passcode protection produce GLP documentation of results
  • RS-232 and USB connectivity simplify data upload and transfer
The ME-TE toploading balances are ideal for routine laboratory weighing. They feature a 4.5” color TFT touchscreen with intuitive guidance enabling you to operate quickly and efficiently, even while wearing gloves. An electronmagnetic force compensation (EMFC) weighing cell with fully automated calibration technology (FACT) automatically adjusts the balance to provide consistent reliable results. Multiple interfaces support barcode reader, printer and PC connections for easy traceability and data handling.
$2,074.80 - $2,843.75USD / Each

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Calibration Type Capacity (g) Readability (g)
Availability Pricing
Mettler Toledo ME103TE NewClassic ME-TE Toploading Balance, 120 g x 1 mg EW-11335-62 Mfr # ME103TE
External 120 0.001
$2,074.80USD / Each
$2,280.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo ME203TE NewClassic ME-TE Toploading Balance, 220 g x 1 mg EW-11335-63 Mfr # ME203TE
External 220 0.001
$2,470.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo ME303TE NewClassic ME-TE Toploading Balance, 320 g x 1 mg EW-11335-64 Mfr # ME303TE
External 320 0.001
$2,610.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo ME403TE NewClassic ME-TE Toploading Balance, 420 g x 1 mg EW-11335-65 Mfr # ME403TE
External 420 0.001
$2,840.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo ME1002TE NewClassic ME-TE Toploading Balance, 1200 g x 10 mg EW-11335-66 Mfr # ME1002TE
External 1200 0.01
$2,074.80USD / Each
$2,280.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo ME2002TE NewClassic ME-TE Toploading Balance, 2200 g x 10 mg EW-11335-67 Mfr # ME2002TE
External 2200 0.01
$2,505.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo ME3002TE NewClassic ME-TE Toploading Balance, 3200 g x 10 mg EW-11335-68 Mfr # ME3002TE
External 3200 0.01
$2,715.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo ME4002TE NewClassic ME-TE Toploading Balance, 4200 g x 10 mg EW-11335-69 Mfr # ME4002TE
External 4200 0.01
$2,620.80USD / Each
$2,880.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo ME4001TE NewClassic ME-TE  Toploading Balance, 4200 g x 100 mg EW-11335-70 Mfr # ME4001TE
External 4200 0.1
$2,215.00USD / Each
Mettler Toledo ME5002TE/00 NewClassic ME-TE Toploading Balance, 5200 g x 0.01 g EW-11335-87 Mfr # ME5002TE/00
External 5200 0.01
$2,843.75USD / Each
$3,125.00USD / Each
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