Cole-Parmer Advanced Analog Hot Plates

More accurate temperature control
  • Take up less benchtop space with these compact units
  • Be safe—flashing light warns when top plate is hot
Hot plate temperature is controlled by an easy-to-use dial. Each model features a "Hot" warning light which flashes whenever the plate temperature is above 50°C, and operates even when the hot plate is turned off.

The hot plate temperature is controlled by an easy to use dial. An innovative LED temperature indicator scale, which lights up in colored increments as the top plate heats up, and shows you when the plate has reached its temperature set point. Use the hot plate in conjunction with the digital temperature controller (04801-80) to accurately regulate sample temperature.
$274.00 - $395.00USD / Each

4 variations of this product are available.

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Power (VAC) Top Plate Length (in) Top Plate Material
Availability Pricing
120 6 Glass ceramic
$395.00USD / Each
230 6 Glass ceramic
$359.20USD / Each
120 6 Coated aluminum/silicon
$274.00USD / Each
230 6 Coated aluminum/silicon
$281.00USD / Each
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