Monarch Instrument Panel Tachometers and Sensors

These tachometers offer a simple rpm display or can be interfaced with data acquisition systems in your control room
  • Inputs for optical, infrared, proximity and magnetic sensors
  • Direct TTL and 1.5 VAC to 50 VAC input signals
  • Selection of sensors for all environments
The Series A operates from a single pulse per revolution. Series C is front panel programmable for single or multiple pulses per revolution and for scaling. The Series C is supplied with NIST Certificate and has analog voltage, current, TTL pulse and RS-232 outputs and offers a totalizer mode.

08212-53: Optical (1 to 250,000 rpm). Remote Optical Sensor with visible Red LED light source and Green LED on-target indicator. Operates up to 3 feet and 45° from reflective target. Stainless steel sensor. Dimensions: 0.625" dia. by 2.9".

08212-56: Magnetic Sensor with Amplifier (1 to 100,000 rpm). Recommended for use with 60 tooth gear, 0.25" gap, 0.106" pole piece dia. Sensor Dimensions: 5⁄8 x 18 UNF thread, 2" long.

08212-52: Proximity (1 to 60,000 rpm). Probe style inductive sensor for use up to 0.2 inches from a 0.5" metallic target. Can work with one pulse per revolution from bolt head, keyway, etc. Sensor Dimensions: M14x1 thread, 1.26" long.

98806-77: Infrared (1 to 999,990 rpm). Use with or without reflective tape at 0.5" sensing gap from target. Senses white to black contrasting marks, or beam can be interrupted by solid
objects. Dimensions: 2.9" x 0.625" dia.
$289.75 - $743.50USD / Each

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Monarch ACT1B-1-0-1-0-001 ACT1B Series Digital Panel Mount Tachometer, 100-240 VAC (1 pulse/rev) EW-54501-03 Mfr # ACT1B-1-0-1-0-001
5-digit LED, red, 0.56\" H 100000
$317.75USD / Each
Monarch ACT3X-1-1-3-1-1 ACT3X Panel Mount Tachometer/Totalizer; 0-5VDC/RS232/100-240VAC EW-54501-04 Mfr # ACT3X-1-1-3-1-1-0
5-digit LED, red, 0.56\" H
$623.50USD / Each
Monarch ACT3X-1-1-4-1-1 ACT3X Panel Mount Tachometer/Totalizer; 4-20mA/RS232/100-240VAC EW-54501-05 Mfr # ACT3X-1-1-4-1-1-0
5-digit LED, red, 0.56\" H 999990
$630.00USD / Each
Monarch ACT3X-1-1-3-3-1 ACT3X Panel Mount Tachometer/Totalizer; 0-5VDC/Ethernet/100-240VAC EW-54501-06 Mfr # ACT3X-1-1-3-3-1-0
5-digit LED, red, 0.56\" H 999990
$737.50USD / Each
Monarch ACT3X-1-1-4-3-1 ACT3X Panel Mount Tachometer/Totalizer; 4-20mA/Ethernet/100-240VAC EW-54501-07 Mfr # ACT3X-1-1-4-3-1-0
5-digit LED, red, 0.56\" H 999990
$743.50USD / Each
Monarch ROLS-W Remote Optical Laser Sensor EW-54501-08 Mfr # ROLS-W
$289.75USD / Each
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