Ohaus Explorer Analytical Balances

Ingenious modular design with improved performance
  • Modular design allows for the display to be separated from the weighing base for maximum flexibility in any work area
  • AutoCal™ automatic internal calibration ensures results are accurate
  • Intuitive operation with large color touch-screen display and icon-driven software
  • Easy-to-use SmarText™ graphical software
  • Touchless sensors for hands-free operation
The OHAUS Explorer’s advanced applications simplify even the most complex laboratory measurements. Whether it’s determining the difference between initial and residual weights or calculating the density of solids and liquids, Explorer eliminates the need for time consuming manual calculations and data logging. The high resolution display and innovative user interface make balance setup and application use effortless. Features include

Intelligent Performance – All Explorers have newly optimized linearity and repeatability specifications and enhanced vibration filtering for better balance stability. All models also come standard with AutoCal™ automatic internal calibration. These combined enhancements improve accuracy, efficiency, and throughput.

• Intuitive Operation – A large color touch-screen display, icon-driven application software that features 14 unique application modes, and an adjustable angle display make Explorer the easiest to use, most advanced balance in its class today.

• Ingenious Design – The base and terminal separate for maximum flexibility in any work area. The design also isolates the weighing chamber to enhance stability and speed results. Draftshield models feature an oversized chamber with a new quick remove design, enhanced with a unique anti static system.

• Practical Features – Explorer has four user-programmable touch free sensors to minimize cross contamination and button wear. All Explorers meet or exceed the Class I and II accuracy requirements in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Handbook 44 (approval pending).

• Intuitive SOFTWARE - SmarText™ 2.0 is OHAUS’ easy-to-use graphical software featuring 14 applications, QWERTY / numeric keypads, and below-minimum weight indication.

• Ingenious DRAFTSHIELD - Explorer’s draftshield provides ample access and visibility to the weighing chamber and features antistatic coated glass.

• Practical TOUCHLESS SENSORS - Explorer features four touchless sensors for hands-free operation of print, calibration, tare, and other selectable functions.

• Intelligent CALIBRATION - AutoCal™ ensures performance and assists with routine maintenance by automatically calibrating the balance daily.

• Intuitive USER SETUP - Explorer is the industry’s most easy-to-use balance, featuring leveling assistance and instructional messaging for quick out-of-the-box setup and use.

• Ingenious MODULAR DESIGN - Explorer’s modular design features a color touch display that can be separated from the weighing base.

• Practical APPROVALS - Explorer is designed and engineered to meet stringent NTEP requirements for use in legal applications such as pharmacies, jewelry stores and retail outlets.

$4,521.88 - $6,099.98USD / Each

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Calibration Type Capacity (g) Readability (g)
Availability Pricing
Ohaus EX124/AD Explorer Analytical Balance, 120Gincal, AutOD Oor, 115V EW-11610-51 Mfr # EX124/AD
Internal 120 0.0001
$4,680.98USD / Each
$5,443.00USD / Each
Ohaus EX224/AD Explorer Analytical Balance, 220Gincal, AutOD Oor, 115V EW-11610-53 Mfr # EX224/AD
Internal 220 0.0001
$5,194.40USD / Each
$6,040.00USD / Each
Ohaus EX324/AD Explorer Analytical Balance, 320Gincal, AutOD Oor, 115V EW-11610-54 Mfr # EX324/AD
Internal 320 0.0001
$6,099.98USD / Each
$7,093.00USD / Each
Ohaus EX124 Explorer Analytical Balance, 120g x 0.0001g with Internal Calibration EW-11800-00 Mfr # EX124
Internal 120 0.0001
$4,521.88USD / Each
$5,258.00USD / Each
Ohaus EX224 Explorer Analytical Balance, 220g x 0.0001g with Internal Calibration EW-11800-01 Mfr # EX224
Internal 220 0.0001
$5,024.12USD / Each
$5,842.00USD / Each
Ohaus EX324 Explorer Analytical Balance, 320g x 0.0001g with Internal Calibration EW-11800-02 Mfr # EX324
Internal 320 0.0001
$5,900.46USD / Each
$6,861.00USD / Each
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