Ohaus Pioneer PA+ Analytical Balances

Great for basic routine weighing in a variety of laboratory, industrial, and education applications
  • Bright backlit LCD is easy to view in any environment
  • Durable construction with metal base, ABS top housing, and stainless steel pan
  • Adjustable zero tracking is ideal for slow-filling applications
  • Adjustable balance sensitivity to handle environmental disturbances or application requirements
  • An up-front level indicator eliminates the need to look behind the balance during leveling
The Pioneer’s draft shield is designed with all glass panels including three sliding doors. All panels are easy to remove and replace, along with all components making it fast and easy to clean within seconds. Periodic cleaning helps avoid sample contamination and extends the life of the balance. A standard in-use cover provides added protection against spillage and minimizes damage to the display and keypad.

Three user-selectable environmental settings help the balance adapt to harsh environments and other disturbances for greater weighing accuracy. An RS-232 interface allows connection to a printer or PC for a record of balance ID, user and project ID, and time and date. Other features include backlight display, level indicator, and menu lock.
$1,729.00 - $2,521.00USD / Each

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Calibration Type Capacity (g) Readability (g)
Availability Pricing
Ohaus PA84 Pioneer Analytical Balance 85g x 0.0001g EW-11611-40 Mfr # PA84
External 85 0.0001
$1,729.00USD / Each
Ohaus PA124 Pioneer Analytical Balance 120g x 0.0001g EW-11611-41 Mfr # PA124
External 120 0.0001
$2,075.00USD / Each
Ohaus PA224 Pioneer Analytical Balance 220g x 0.0001g EW-11611-42 Mfr # PA224
External 220 0.0001
$2,305.00USD / Each
Ohaus PA84C Pioneer Analytical Balance 85g x 0.0001g with Internal Calibration EW-11611-52 Mfr # PA84C
Internal 85 0.0001
$1,944.00USD / Each
Ohaus PA124C Pioneer Analytical Balance120g x 0.0001g with Internal Calibration EW-11611-53 Mfr # PA124C
Internal 120 0.0001
$2,290.00USD / Each
Ohaus PA224C Pioneer Analytical Balance220g x 0.0001g with Internal Calibration EW-11611-54 Mfr # PA224C
Internal 220 0.0001
$2,521.00USD / Each
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