Pacific Transducer Durometer Test Stand

The Deadweight stands use 400G, 1KG, or 5KG weights as recommended by ASTM D2240 specifications. The load cell stand approximates both the 1K & 5Kg weights using calibrated springs.

ASTM D2240 states that better repeatability may be obtained by using mass centered on the axis of the indenter. Our stands are designed to give the user maximum repeatability.

These units feature an oil-less airpot that gives a smooth, controlled descent for making the most accurate readings with an ASTM Type A, B, or O Durometer. It also has an adjustable table that can be locked in place for testing materials with nonparallel surfaces.

  • Deadweight Stands
  • Load Cell Stand
  • ConstaLoader™ Controlled Descent Stand
  • Maximize Durometer Repeatability
  • Test materials up to 5" high, 3" high for ConstaLoader™
$1,493.50USD / Each

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$1,493.50USD / Each
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