Parker Balston's Hydrogen Generators for Fuel Gas

Eliminates dangerous and expensive hydrogen gas cylinders from the laboratory
  • Unique display lighting changes color for easy status checks and water level indication
  • Compact and reliable - only one square foot of bench space required
  • Exclusive water management system and control circuitry maximize uptime
Parker Balston’s Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Cell eliminates the use of liquid electrolytes with hydrogen generators.
Proven in over 40,000 GC installations worldwide. Parker Balston’s generators are the most reliable hydrogen generators on the market. Maintenance requires only a few moments per year - no inconvenient, extended downtime.
Simply change the filters every six months and the desiccant cartridge whenever it turns dark brown.
Deionized water is all that is required to generate hydrogen for weeks of continuous operation.
With an output capacity of up to 510 cc/minute, one generator can supply 99.9995% pure hydrogen for up to several FID’s. Based on cylinder gas savings alone, a Parker Balston® hydrogen generator pays for itself in less than a year.
All Parker Balston hydrogen generators meet NFPA requirements and OSHA 1910.103 regulations governing the storage of hydrogen.
$7,682.00 - $16,717.00USD / Each

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Max Flow Rate (mL/min) Description
Availability Pricing
Parker Hannifin H2PEM-100 H2 Generator for Fuel Gas; 100 mL/min EW-86442-00 Mfr # H2PEM-100
100 H2 Generator for Fuel Gas; 100 mL/min
$7,682.00USD / Each
Parker Hannifin H2PEM-165 H2 Generator for Fuel Gas; 165 mL/min EW-86442-02 Mfr # H2PEM-165
165 H2 Generator for Fuel Gas; 165 mL/min
$11,269.00USD / Each
Parker Hannifin H2PEM-510 H2 Generator for Fuel Gas; 510 mL/min EW-86442-06 Mfr # H2PEM-510
510 H2 Generator for Fuel Gas; 510 mL/min
$16,717.00USD / Each
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