Powerblanket® Gas Cylinder Heaters

Increase flow rate performance and efficiency
  • Quickly heats cylinder to a preset 90°F (32°C)
  • Eliminates cylinder refills in cold weather
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Certified to UL/CSA/CE standards
The gas cylinder heaters allow you to overcome the effects of cold weather, preventing fluids from freezing while maintaining optimal temperatures. The unique insulated full-wrap design delivers even heat distribution, helping to optimize the container pressure and increase the cylinder efficiency.
$269.25 - $1,164.00USD / Each

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Drum Size Length (in) Power (watts)
Availability Pricing
Powerblanket PBL20 Lite Gas Cylinder Heater, 20 lbs EW-42025-44 Mfr # PBL20
20 to 40 lbs 46 120
$269.25USD / Each
Powerblanket PBL100 Lite Gas Cylinder Heater, 100 lbs EW-42025-45 Mfr # PBL100
100 lbs 55 280
$406.50USD / Each
Powerblanket PBL420 Lite Gas Cylinder Heater, 420 lbs EW-42025-46 Mfr # PBL420
420 lbs 100 1/2 400
$527.50USD / Each
Powerblanket GCW20 Gas Cylinder Heater, 20 lbs EW-42025-47 Mfr # GCW20
20 lbs 45 120
$478.50USD / Each
Powerblanket GCW30 Gas Cylinder Heater, 30 lbs EW-42025-48 Mfr # GCW30
30 lbs 45 160
$677.00USD / Each
Powerblanket GCW40 Gas Cylinder Heater, 40 lbs EW-42025-49 Mfr # GCW40
40 lbs 45 280
$777.50USD / Each
Powerblanket GCW100 Gas Cylinder Heater, 100 lbs EW-42025-50 Mfr # GCW100
100 lbs 52 550
$916.50USD / Each
Powerblanket GCW420 Gas Cylinder Heater, 420 lbs EW-42025-51 Mfr # GCW420
420 lbs 104 960
$1,164.00USD / Each
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