ResinTech CLiR Lab Water Systems

Obtain Type I, 18.2 MΩ water—on demand!
  • Meets ASTM Type I water specifications
  • Self Servicable! No tools required
  • Quick change consumables
  • Compact, flexible configurations save counter space
  • Built-in timer prevents excess wear
  • 2.5 LPM flowrate
  • Built-in leak detection
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Low-cost, long-life consumables
  • Lowest cost-of-ownership
  • Made in the USA!
CLiR high-purity water systems features continual recirculation to ensures constant ultra-pure water for use in your lab. Choose from systems offering up to 4.0 liters of 18.2 megohm water per minute. Standard features include a built-in pressure regulator, high-capacity cartridges for deionizing the water, and a POU capsule capsule filter for removal of particulates and unwanted bacteria from the water as it is being dispensed through the outlet valve.

Multiple sensors continuously monitor the system and final water quality to ensure trouble-free operation. A digital resistivity monitor with alarm LED set points provides system feedback performance. The large volume cartridges require less change-outs, offering you lower operating costs. [Note: The feed water quality will determine the necessary pre-treatment. For optimum performance, the water system may require reverse osmosis (99284-51), distillation, or deionizing pretreatment.]

Small footprints and flexible mounting options (counter, wall, and under-sink) allow you to maximize valuble counter space. Consumables are simple to replace and require no tools (Cartridges sold separately.). Dispensing gun and secondary auxiliary side port are available upon request. Additional options are available for special applications to include 185/254 nm UV, and or ultrafiltration (UF).
Some CLiR system have been pre-configured into four application specific models with benchtop or remote dispesing options:
For Basic chemistry, academia, IC, and buffers: CLiR 5100 (models 99285-31 and -32)
For HPLC, GC-MS, and trace organics: CLiR 5200 (models 99285-35 and -36 with UV)
For Life science, cell culture, and microbiology: CLiR 5300 (models 99285-33 and -34 with UF)
For DNA Sequencing, PCR, and electrophoresis: CLiR 5400 (models 99285-37 and -38 with UV and UF)

A complete package requires a system, conditioning cartridge, polishing cartridge, and final filter.
1. Choose CLiR 5000 base system
2. Choose conditioning cartridge 99285-45 for RO water feed, or 99285-46 for SDI/tap water feed
3. Choose polishing cartridge 99285-43 for standard results, or 99285-44 for additional organics removal
4. Choose final filter 99285-27 for up to 0.2µm pariculate removal, or 99285-47 to also include endotoxin removal

Options (must be ordered with unit, factory installation required):
Item 99285-39 - adds in flow totalizer function, viewable on display
Item 99285-40 - adds in a direct feed port
Item 99285-41 - adds in a recirculating dispensing gun (for units without a remote dispense function)
Item 99285-42 - adds in a wall mounting bracket to clear up bench space"
$4,965.00 - $12,261.00USD / Each

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Description With Ultrafilter With UV Lamp
Availability Pricing
ResinTech CLiR 3100 High Purity Lab Water System EW-99285-19 Mfr # CLS-3100
High Purity Water System with 0.2 Micron Capsule Filter No No
$4,965.00USD / Each
ResinTech CLiR 3300 High Purity Lab Water System with 0.05 Micron Filter EW-99285-20 Mfr # CLS-3300
High Purity Water System with 0.05 Micron Capsule Ultrafilter Yes No
$5,388.00USD / Each
ResinTech CLiR 3200 High Purity Lab Water System with UV EW-99285-21 Mfr # CLS-3200
High Purity Water System with 0.2 Micron Capsule Filter, UV No Yes
$5,941.00USD / Each
ResinTech CLiR 3400 High Purity Lab Water System with 0.05 Micron Filter and UV EW-99285-22 Mfr # CLS-3400
High Purity Water System with 0.05 Micron Capsule Ultrafilter, UV Yes Yes
$6,364.00USD / Each
ResinTech CLiR 5100 Ultrapure Lab Water System (Standard 110v) EW-99285-31 Mfr # CLS-5100-S-1
Academy Benchtop or Wall Mount Base System, 120V/60Hz No No
$8,823.00USD / Each
ResinTech CLiR 5100 Ultrapure Lab Water System (Remote 110v) EW-99285-32 Mfr # CLS-5100-R-1
Academy Remote Dispense Base System 120V/60Hz No No
$10,218.00USD / Each
ResinTech CLiR 5300 Ultrapure Lab Water System (Standard 110v) EW-99285-33 Mfr # CLS-5300-S-1
Biochem Benchtop System with Ultrafiltration module, 120V/60Hz Yes No
$9,815.00USD / Each
ResinTech CLiR 5400 Ultrapure Lab Water System (Remote 110v) EW-99285-38 Mfr # CLS-5400-R-1
Genome Remote Dispense Configuration with UV and UF, 120V/60Hz Yes Yes
$12,261.00USD / Each
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